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Fifth Estate Collective
Police Vamp on Bikers Clubhouse

Nearly a dozen members of the Blue Flu smashed their way into a private party during a cowardly attack on the Highwaymen Motorcycle Club of Detroit.

The blitzkrieg-like attack was carried out in the early hours of Sunday morning Jan. 11, by police assigned to the Western District Morality Squad. This catchy title is a Spreen-style cover for the old-fashioned Vice Squad. The herd operates out of the 16th (Northwest) Precinct pig pen.


Fifth Estate Collective
Liberation Conference Against Repression

Everybody has some idea of the kind of heavy political repression the power structure has been laying down, if only from the power-structure media itself.

The Liberation Conference Against Repression January 29–30 at St. Joseph’s Church should be able to clarify a lot of the distortions, fill in some of the gaps and describe the national-regional-local pattern of repression. See ad for list of speakers and workshops.


Fifth Estate Collective
Welcome to Detroit, Mr. Murphy

“Patrick Murphy is no great shakes as Public Safety Director. He is a poor administrator; he is weak, and he has no rapport with his men.”

—Richard Judd, former aide to Sen. Wayne Morse on D.C. Affairs Committee, U.S. Senate

We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to Patrick V. Murphy, Detroit’s new Police Commissioner, one of the first major appointments of Mayor Roman “Sheriff” Gribbs. Murphy was chosen by Gribbs because he says he agrees with Murphy’s philosophy on law enforcement.


Fifth Estate Collective
The Great Bathroom Incident The trial of the Conspiracy 7 continues in Chicago

Editors’ Note: The trial of the Conspiracy 7 continues in Chicago and has turned into even more of a circus as the defense attempts to present its case. They are blocked at every avenue by senile Judge Julius (Magoo) Hoffman, who sustains every prosecution objection and denies every one that comes from the defense table.


Arthur Parumba
A Day at the Museum

“Everybody comes to you for gasoline boy, that’s some filling station you got there.”

--Jack Kerouac The Subterraneans

Hi, kids, it’s me, Artie, again. I got a story to tell you and something else too. You see, last Sunday (Nelson watches the gas station on Sunday) I was sleeping late with a pretty lady and a friend came over to my house & so did Sammy, my brother, & Sammy said what you gotta do is go to the Art Museum with me. So I said but I went there before & seen all that stuff before & it’s just a big shithouse, with old pictures by dead people & he said, no man they changed it so me and my lady got up & went after we had a hamburger cuz he would not let me get out of going.


Liberation News Service
No Hope in Vietnam

SAIGON (LNS)—Bob Hope entertained the troops in Vietnam for his sixth consecutive Christmas, and took along the usual chorus line of women’s bodies for the men to gawk at. He also took with him Neil Armstrong, the moon-walker, for a round of repartee in which Armstrong played the straight man.

Hope: “Your first step on the moon was the second most dangerous of the year.”


Fifth Estate Collective
Sheriff Harvey Exposed!

Ken Kelley, editor of the Ann Arbor Argus, fresh from a semi-victory over the forces of injustice, has scored another journalistic coup.

Kelley published the contents of the wallet of Washtenaw County’s fascist sheriff Doug Harvey in the latest issue of the Argus.

Kelley told the Fifth Estate that Harvey was drunk on his ass at a University of Michigan basketball game and staggered home leaving his wallet. It was retrieved by an unidentified but heroic citizen who brought it to the Argus office where its contents were photographed and then returned to the Sheriff.


J.R. Kennedy
This One’s Ours

After only three hours of deliberation on December 22 a half black half white Detroit Recorder’s Court jury found Alfred Hibbitt, member of the Black Legion, the paramilitary arm of the Republic of New Africa (RNA), innocent of assault with intent to kill. This was the first of three trials that are the result of charges stemming from a shooting at the New Bethel Church last March.


George dePue
The Arrangement, John & Mary Film review

Newsreel-ARM — Hollywood began to appreciate some years ago that the vision of life it was projecting for the people was increasingly irrelevant to their lives and uninteresting. It was a basic marketing problem—how to catch up with a broad social process that has some of the aspects of pre-revolutionary alienation from the system, without giving into it and confirming its concrete revolutionary potential?


Miller Francis Jr.
Volunteers of Amerika

Reprinted from The Great Speckled Bird

Look what’s happening out in the streets

Got a revolution Got to revolution

Hey, I’m dancing down the streets

Got a revolution Got to revolution

Ain’t it amazing all the people I meet

Got a revolution Got to revolution


One generation got old

One generation got soul


Liberation News Service
SDS Weatherman War Council Year of the Fork?

FLINT, Mich. (LNS) — Weathermen, Weatherwomen, some of their friends and some of their critics, met in a “war council” Dec. 27–30. The gathering was a serious political meeting, although it had been widely billed as an outasight international youth culture freak show.

About 400 young people from across the country made it to the bare Giant Ballroom in Flint to practice karate, rap in regional and collective meetings, dig a little music and hear the Weather Bureau lay down its political line for revolution in Amerika.


John Wilcock
Other Scenes

Who says the New York Times favors the status quo? After a recent story listing “narcotic addicts, drunks, panhandlers, homosexuals and drifters” a staff memo was circulated explaining: “Times have changed and ‘homosexuals’ is no longer universally considered a term of opprobrium”... Meanwhile former Times editor Herman Dinsmore (editor, International Edition, 1951 through 1960) has written a Red-baiting book “documenting what anti-Communists have long known” billed by the Conservative Book Club as “Former Times Editor Exposes Own Paper!”...


P.P. Dickey
Sign Here

At this time every year, aliens are required to register with the United States Government, who bring you Chevrolets, racism, Herb Alpert and the Tiajuana Brass and other fine products.

In spite of the fact that the government has kindly erected big, prominent buildings called post offices where aliens can register, each year many people who should notify the authorities of their alienation fail to do so.


Fifth Estate Collective
Wanted by FBI They’ll Never Take ‘im Alive

If you have information concerning this person, please contact your local FBI office. Telephone numbers and addresses of all FBI offices listed on back.

Identification Order 4343, December 30, 1969

Lawrence Robert Plamondon, as he is known to the pigs, or Pun as he is called by the people, is White Panther Party Minister of Defense. He is accused of conspiring with Jack Forrest, Detroit White Panther captain, and John Sinclair to dynamite the Ann Arbor CIA office in October of 1968. They were indicted by a Federal Grand Jury late last year on the testimony of imprisoned stoolie Dave Valler. Valler was head of a dynamite ring that carried out a series of bombings in 1968 and is now trying to get out of prison by finking on anyone the government mentions to him.


Cheryl McCall
Argus is Obscene

“It’s what you call having your words and eating it too,” said the accused in reference to the penis in the councilman’s hand.

The accused, Ken Kelley, wild-maned editor of the Ann Arbor Argus was charged last August with “distributing an obscene newspaper” when he published a picture of Ann Arbor councilman James Stephenson holding a superimposed object that appeared to be an extremely large male cock. The councilman was grinning broadly.


J.R. Kennedy
PCAUR Puts Heat on Landlord

In a near spontaneous action, People Concerned About Urban Renewal (PCAUR) led a demonstration against a local slumlord last Thursday.

The group, composed of more than twenty local residents, street kids and students converged on an apartment building complex on the near west side to confront the caretaker of the building concerning the heat and water conditions there which had become intolerable. The buildings are located on Hancock near Avery.


Eugene Schoenfeld M.D.

Dr. Eugene Schoenfeld speaking at Community Arts Auditorium, May 28, 1969 at a benefit for Open City. Photo: Alan Gotkin.


I have a rather peculiar problem. When my girlfriend was younger, she had a rather bad dream concerning her breasts. The gist of the dream was that her breasts were kissed, sucked, etc., by a man who she thought loved her, but who, in reality, wanted only her body.


Various Authors

Editors’ Note: Fifth Estate staffer Rick Londin is in Cuba with Venceremos Cane Cutting Brigade. The Brigade has been there since last November to assist the Cubans in harvesting 10 million tons of sugar cane as part of their program of attaining economic independence. The contingent Rick is with will be arriving back in the U.S. in early February and a second group will leave for Cuba at that time.


Ian Sven
A Very Silent Majority

Hartford’s Other Voice/UPS — The radio speech was never broadcast—yet old sho-biz Agnew got 14,000 letters of praise the next day. No one will admit who slipped.

What happened was that UPI, a news service, also makes news tapes used by independent radio stations. A month ago they recorded a full hour of the usual hard hitting, always missing, Agnew diatribe. The schedule said it was to be broadcast over dozens of stations on the weekend. But a foul up occurred—not a single station aired the speech.


Fifth Estate Collective
ASU forms at Selfridge

Things may never be the same again at Selfridge Air Force Base of Mt. Clemens.

Several of the Marines, Airmen and one Navy man stationed at the base are forming a chapter of the American Serviceman’s Union (ASU) and this has meant trouble for the brass at every base where the Union exists.

The ASU is committed to support of the enlisted man, the removal of all officer privileges and the stopping of the Armed Forces from being used in a politically reactionary way.


Fifth Estate Collective
The Mouthpiece

Editors’ Note: At long last, here is the legal column we have been promising for several issues. “The Mouthpiece” will be a regular feature of the Fifth Estate and is in keeping with our motto of Serve The People.

However, no one should have any illusions about the law and its majesty; its function is solely to maintain the property and social relationships of capitalist society. Its so-called system of justice is not blind, but rather sees its way clearly to discriminate against the poor, the minorities and the politically active.


Fifth Estate Collective
Thee Column

Many people are still unaware of what Open City is and what it does. Rather than the common misconception that it is a service organization for the alternate community, Open City is the alternate community!!!

The many services provided by Open City are available only because of the effort of members of our community and those people sympathetic to it.


Resa Jannett
Events Calendar

In Cooperation with Detroit Adventure


MORE FREE MEDICAL HELP at the Open City Clinic. 4425 Second at Canfield. 6:30–8:30 p.m. Call 831–2770 before you come if possible.

ART AND ARCHITECTURE OF JAPAN, a lecture on this beautiful topic will be given at 8 p.m. in the Art Gallery of Windsor.