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Call for Submissions

For FE #386, Theme: “Revolution”

The Fifth Estate has always proudly displayed the FBI’s description of this publication as “supporting revolution everywhere,” but the world has greatly changed since the U.S. secret police prowled around our offices and kept tabs on staff members in the 1960s.

Those evil gumshoes knew little about what constitutes an authentic overthrow of the current misery and the restructuring of its causes along revolutionary principles. But, perhaps the armored toadies of the state intuited something important: that society perpetuates itself through people’s habit of submission to authority, and that even the smallest act of rebellion contains the seeds of total revolt.

This is why dictators go to such lengths to snuff out even poetry and rock and roll that they fear (usually correctly) challenges the established order.

In our next edition, we want to examine what constitutes revolution in the 21st century. If we simply state, “capitalism bad; anarchism good,” the discussion will not advance very far.

Some possible points of discussion

Submit manuscripts, for short pieces, and proposals for longer essays, along with graphics and photographs, to:

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Fifth Estate

POB 201016

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Please put “Submission 386” in the subject line.

We also want articles, art, and photographs on general topics.

Deadline: November 5

Publication date: December 1

Fifth Estate #385, Fall, 2011