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To the Fifth Estate:

If it is wrong for a woman to be put on trial when she is raped, isn’t it equally wrong for a society to be put on trial when it is raped?

Prejudice predates capitalism and is found in all societies. The same can be said of crime. Smash the State! Let the workers control the factories they work in. Do all of this and you will have a small residue who will want to do harm to their fellow man.


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Mexican Jail Strike Fails

A group of American prisoners serving time in Mexican jails attempted to call attention to their demands for an end to torture and for action by the U.S. government by staging a nation-wide hunger strike throughout the Mexican prison system on September 7. However, the Mexican head of prisons reported that the strike was not successful and only fifty Americans and two Canadians in Mexico City jails were said to have participated.


The Guardian vs. Language


While the main contribution of Marxism-Leninism remains its establishment of state capitalism in areas of the world where private capital could not develop, its project has also debased language to a point suggested in George Orwell’s 1984—where words are distorted so as to take on their opposite meaning. A case in point is the Aug. 11, 1976 front-page of The Guardian, a New York City based Mao-oid weekly newspaper, which announced proudly “The Liberation of Africa.” No matter that what is pictured is a civilian politician (President Samora Machel of Mozambique, who rules without even the pretense of an election) reviewing the troops—faceless cannon fodder, dressed identically, responding automatically to commands, ready to die for the State and the Leader.


Fifth Estate Collective
Detroit Seen

Wowie zowie!—this issue marks the beginning of the 12th year of continuous publication for the Fifth Estate. In 1965, 17-year-old Harvey Ovshinsky came back from the West Coast after a summer of working on the Los Angeles Free Press with the idea of starting a similar “underground” newspaper in Detroit. After varying fits and starts the FE rapidly became part of the dope, rock and roll and marching in the streets phenomena of the ‘60s and early ‘70s. With the demise of the “Movement” and an accompanying reduction in circulation from a high of 14,000 in 1969 to a low of about 5,000 in 1974, the paper made one last stab at survival as a commercial, youth-oriented weekly. That effort collapsed in July 1975 when the present staff revamped the works into a monthly publication of libertarian communism having a circulation of 3,000. None of us feel an “awesome responsibility” or anything like that, to continue what has turned out to be an institution in Detroit, but we do plan to keep on rolling for the time being—at least as long as we can maintain a degree of relevancy and have a touch of fun...


Fifth Estate Collective
Stop the Dublin Hangings! Anarchists Tortured, Framed-Up


As Noel and Marie Murray approached their Dublin home after a morning stroll they were confronted by a garda (an Irish cop), wielding a sub-machine gun.

“You’re dead, Murray,” he screamed. A few months later, a justice of the Special Criminal Court concluded a political show trial by confirming the garda’s sentence.


Capitalism to Build Vietnamese “Socialism”

The “socialist” government of unified Vietnam, after telling the Vietnamese people for the past twenty years that they must expel the imperialist nations of France and the United States, is proposing to invite private corporations of those same countries, along with those of Japan, Canada, Australia and Norway, to exploit Vietnam’s wealth of cheap labor and natural resources—all in the name of “industrial development” and production.


On the Correct Handling of Nuclear Fallout upon the People A message from the national steering committee of the U.S. China Peoples Friendship Association

U.S. Getting Radiation From China A-Blast

WASHINGTON — (AP) — Light radiation from a Chinese atomic test is sprinkling parts of the eastern United States, leading health officials in one state to warn residents to wash garden vegetables carefully before eating them.

Pennsylvania officials were first to report detection of the fallout from a Sept. 26 blast at Lop Nor in western China. Other areas reporting some radiation include New Jersey, southern Connecticut, Long Island, Delaware and South Carolina.


E. Mett
Y. Bumczik

China: Financing the Celestial Empire

China is in fashion. Enthusiasm for China can be found amongst liberals, technocrats and members of the World Bank. In the popular view “the people are brave and the culture squeaky clean.”

Maoists and proto-Maoists proclaim China as a genuine Socialist country, valiantly struggling through the unity of its three “classes”—the peasants, workers and the glorious Peoples’ Liberation Army—to industrialize without the bureaucratic distortions of the revisionist USSR.


Italian Chemical Disaster Possible Here? Michigan neglects safeguards.

Since the July 10th explosion at an Italian Chemical plant outside of the northern Italian city of Seveso, information has come to light to indicate that Michigan could be the setting for a similar disaster.

The explosion at the Icmesa plant, which sickened 500 persons and caused a mass evacuation of the area released approximately 4 1/2 pounds of the chemical dioxin (TCDD) into the atmosphere. TCDD is considered to be “the most toxic small molecule known to science—so dangerous that it is toxic at concentrations as low as one part per trillion.


Liberation News Service
Feds Plan Ahead for Atomic Disaster

NEW YORK (LNS)—While fervently minimizing the danger of nuclear accidents, the federal government is busy making plans in case accidents do occur, according to a recent New York Times report.

A 43-page draft has been written by the Federal Preparedness Agency—a 700-member group within the General Services Administration. It details a plan to “cope with the casualties, property damage and loss of civilian control that might be caused by a serious accident at one of the nation’s 58 nuclear reactors.”


Bob Nirkind
Is Michigan Slated For Nuclear Landfill? Residents have no choice

This article is the second of a two-part series on the effects that the indiscriminate care and usage of radioactive waste materials and dangerous chemicals are having, and will continue to have in the future, on man and his environment.

Part One of the series, Capitalism’s Industrial Plagues, #276, September 1976, dealt with the devastating results of nuclear and chemical dumps, leakages and accidents in the United States and around the world. Part Two now looks into the Federal Government’s intention of testing land here in Michigan for the possible construction of a nuclear waste disposal system.


John Zerzan
Unions and the Nazi Labor Front

Both Marxist and liberal historians have always depicted the Nazi movement as the bitter enemy of unions and the victory of German fascism as the death knell of the labor movement. A critical examination shows that, in fact, the opposite was the case and the Nazis used the unions in the same manner as their predecessors.


Fifth Estate Collective
Ammunition Books

Ammunition Books, 4403 Second Ave., Detroit, Michigan 48201


by Robert Shea & Robert Anton Wilson

Part I The Eye in the Pyramid 304 pp.

Part II The Golden Apple 272 pp.

Part III Leviathan 253 pp.

Incredible political fantasy tale of a world-wide, eons-old conspiracy to impose an authoritarian rule on the planet. Scenes range from SDS conventions to underwater battles at Atlantis to giant rock festivals in Germany. Sex, LSD, revolution, right and left wing anarchism all compete in one of the most bizarre pieces of fiction (or is it?).


Fifth Estate Collective
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There’s More to Gangs than Just Gangs

Gang fever, like the Bird’s pitching, seems to have been just a-passing summer phenomenon. Both served their purpose for the Motor City and then disappeared. Of course, youth crime has not disappeared—just its exploitation by the media and city hall politicians has waned.

Hizoner Coleman Young is now preoccupied with concern about how far up in his administration the Federal drug probe will go (it’s already touched his political associates and relatives), and with the exception of a few feeble attempts like Channel 7’s “Summer of Terror” series, the media has gone back to its usual drab fare.


Arrests Follow Rally At Atomic Plant Site

Opposition to the construction of potentially dangerous nuclear power plants escalated August 22 in Seabrook, New Hampshire as 176 people were arrested for conducting an “occupation” of a nuclear power plant construction site.

The action was organized by the Clamshell Alliance, a coalition of a dozen environmental and political groups in the New England area, and was preceded by a large rally of 1,500 persons in the Atlantic seaboard town. The rally organizers charge that the nuclear installation will be harmful to the environment and that an accidental release of radioactive material could kill nearly a million people.


Fifth Estate Collective
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Don’t Vote Piss in the voting booth.


Don’t Vote—Piss in the Voting Booth

(back cover)

Another election, another opportunity to let someone else determine our lives. In modern capitalist society, the election of representatives has become an integral part of the general process of self-denial and self-repression standing at the center of modern life. It has become a prohibition to the real possibilities for self-realization. At root in bourgeois society—occurring fundamentally in creative human activity, in labor—is the phenomenon of alienation, an active process whereby human life and energy become crystallized in objects and institutions divorced from their creators and the creators become mere objects alien to themselves and available to be manipulated, dominated, controlled. This process is reproduced in the general life of bourgeois society and finds its political expression in electoral politics, in so-called “representative democracy”. Through the practice of voting we alienate the possibility for defining and administering our own lives by delivering this function to someone else. Electoral politics is an obstacle to both. And so we conclude that voting will get us nowhere. Don’t vote for reactionaries, don’t vote for liberals. They are all committed to the present state of affairs. Don’t vote for members of so-called Socialist or Communist Parties. They are charlatans incapable of a liberated vision of life. Don’t vote for fools, don’t vote for wisemen. Don’t vote for anyone. We can do it ourselves.