Kathy Mulherin
Report from Algiers

(via Dock of the Bay/UPS)

  • Eldridge Cleaver is coming home within the year—maybe;

  • Kathleen Cleaver gave birth to a baby boy named after black Cuban revolutionary Antonio Maceo;

  • The Black Panther Party is setting up centers of information and propaganda distribution in Paris and other European and African centers;

  • There may be a “summit meeting” of revolutionary groups in the relatively near future, in which “The Black Panther Party will play a key role;”

  • The Chicago Headquarters of the Panther Party was attacked by police who claim they were shot at by armed Panthers. National Chairman Bobby Seale said at a recent press conference that the Chicago Panthers did not provoke attack, that since the Chicago headquarters were entirely covered with plywood it would have been impossible to shoot from the office anyway.