March on Washington Committee, 23 East Adams, Detroit 48226

The March on Washington will take place by bus, planes, car pools, and possibly railroad. It is imperative that we know as soon as possible if you are coming and which means of transport you Would prefer.

The trip by railroad (if there are enough interested people) will be organized as a traveling workshop. On the way to Washington we will have workshops and discussions on Vietnam and other foreign policy issues. We will have written materials and discussion leaders.

On the way back we will have a workshop on what we can do to help the cause of peace by action and education. We will also try to have some entertainment. We anticipate that this will be one of the exciting parts of the march.

In Washington we will march at the White House at 11:00 am and then the group will move to an open air meeting at Sylvan Theater on the Washington Monument grounds.

The price for Buses (there will be no workshops on the buses) will be between $18.00 and $20.00 round trip (leaves Detroit Friday night).

The price for a train seat will be $25.45 for the round trip.

The price for the plane (which leaves early Saturday and returns late Saturday) is $41.69.

Only a few seats are left. If you wish a place on the plane, please call TO 8–8686 (this number is for air only).

These arrangements are tentative and we await your speedy response in order to make them definite. We hope that at least 500 people will join the March on Detroit. We will inform you of further details once we receive your form.

If you cannot go YOURSELF, BUT SUPPORT THE MARCH, please send us a contribution so that we might be able to help others who do not have the fare for going.