We were walking down Forest near the freeway after buying some smokes when a carload of Wayne State cops were breaking away from the light and saw us. They cruised up and junior pig sitting shotgun pulls us over.

“Let’s see some I.D.,” the two-year college grad stated.

“Hell, man, that’s bullshit. We’re just walkin’ down the street and you ain’t got no right stopping us from doin’ just that.”

“Come over here.”

“Nope, see you later, pig.”

The helmeted pig and his two sidekicks leap out of the car, so we decide to wander back and front them.

Tall pig: “Young lady, you have to be twenty-one to be smoking in a public place. Let’s see some identification.”

She’s pissed, “Don’t you have better stuff to do than harass us?”

Short, squat pig: “Let’s see some I.D. now.”

She’s really pissed: “I don’t carry I.D. just to walk around. Fascism isn’t supposed to be that bad yet.”

Lean pig: “You know I could sit you down in this car and arrest you, you know.”

“You can’t do shit, and I’m not gettin’ in that car.”

“But, but,” mumbles fourth pig. They all file back to their seats and the driver flashes a “V” and whispers right on.

We give the fist and walk away yelling, “Sure pig, RIGHT OFF.”