Title: Please...Do Not Kidnap These Men
Subtitle: back cover
Author: anon.
Date: 1976
Notes: Fifth Estate #273, June 1976

Since General Motors reported a net profit of $300 million for the first quarter of 1976, our executives have been probable targets for kidnapping by members of the criminal element and left crazies.

The Central Executive Office of GM is composed of fourteen men, most of whom live in the Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham area. Each is a valuable and integral part of the executive team and would command a high ransom if abducted.

Therefore, the Corporation is taking this opportunity to appeal to the sense of decency of any would-be kidnappers—for the nation, for the sake of our Company—do not kidnap these men!!!!

Thomas A. Murphy, 1853 Wingate Drive, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Elliott M. Estes, 391 Cranbrook Court, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Richard L. Terrell, 1380 Dorstone Place, Birmingham, Michigan

Joseph E. Godfrey, 1586 Apple Lane, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Reuben R. Jensen, 18500 Sheldon Road, Northville, Michigan

Howard H. Kehrl, 1683 Lochridge, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Charles J. Scanlon, 4 Orchard Drive, Chappaqua, New York

Roger B. Smith, 3770 Brookside Drive, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

William L. Mitchell, 760 Kennebec Court, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Ernest S. Starkman, 4794 Tully Road, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

F. James McDonald, 1100 Orchard Ridge Road, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Harold L. Smith, 1350 Lakeside, Birmingham, Michigan

George R. Elges, 2945 N. Woodward, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Martin J. Caserio, 246 Barden Road, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Robert W. Decker, 130 Marblehead, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Photo caption: Thomas A. Murphy (left), Chairman of the Board, and Elliot (“Pete”) Estes (right), President, congratulate each other in 1974, when Murphy took the helm of the Corporation.

Murphy’s home, shown below [in print edition], is located at 1853 Wingate, Bloomfield Hills, in a cluster of plush condominiums facing a private golf course in the Wabeek South developement just off Long Lake Road. (Note map. Also note easy entry into windows and porch.)