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For those of you who have been waiting for your copies of Chris Gray’s book, Leaving the 20th Century: The Incomplete Work of the Situationist International, we have just received a letter from a comrade in England saying that he has recently sent us 50 copies by surface mail. They should arrive here in about a month, at which time we shall mail it out to those who have ordered it. Sorry about the delay, and thanks for bearing with us.

PORTUGAL: Anti-Fascism or Anti-Capitalism. R&B pamphlet no. 6, Root & Branch, 40 pp. $1.50 (8-1/2x11)

LABOR AND MONOPOLY CAPITALISM: The Degridation of Work in the 20th Century Harry Braverman. Monthly Review, 465 pp. $4.95

COMMON SENSE FOR HARD TIMES Jeremy Brecher, Tim Costello. Two Continents, 277 pp. $3.95

FATE OF MARXISM Paul Cardan. Solidarity (London), $.25 (8-1/2x11)

HISTORY AND REVOLUTION Paul Cardan. Solidarity (London), $.70

CEYLON: The JVP Uprising. Solidarity (London, $1.25 (8-1/2x11)

THE MEANING OF SOCIALISM Paul Cardan. Solidarity (London), $.50

ZEROWORK Zerowork, 150 pp. $2.50

WOMEN IN THE SPANISH REVOLUTION Liz Willis. Solidarity (London), $.50 (8-1/2x11)

SPONTANEITY AND ORGANISATION Murray Bookchin. Solidarity (London), $.50


MODERN CAPITALISM & REVOLUTION Paul Cardan. London Solidarity, 2nd ed., 102 pp., $1.50

THE WANDERING OF HUMANITY Jacques Camatte. Black & Red, 1975, 64 pp. 75 cents

SABATE: Guerrilla Extraordinary Antonio Tellez. Cienfuegos Press, 200 pp. $4.95

LESSONS OF THE SPANISH REVOLUTION Vernon Richards. Freedom Press, 1972, 240 pp. $2.00

SOCIETY OF THE SPECTACLE Guy Debord. Black & Red, 1973, 96 pp. $1.00

ECLIPSE & RE-EMERGENCE OF THE COMMUNIST MOVEMENT Jean Barrot & Francois Martin. Black & Red, 1974, 136 pp. $1.25

THE YELLOW WALLPAPER Charlotte Perkins Gilman. The Feminist Press, 64 pp. $1.50


MEDICAL NEMESIS: The Expropriation of Health Ivan Illich. Pantheon, 288 pp. $6.50 Publisher’s price $8.95—hardcover)

WHAT IS THE CNT? Jose Peirats. Simian Pub. 21 pp. $.30

THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MALCOLM X. Ballantine, 460 pp. $1.95

ANARCHIST COLLECTIVES: Workers Self-Management in the Spanish Revolution 1936–1939 Sam Dolgoff. Free Life, 195 pp. $3.45

THE RIGHT TO BE LAZY Paul Lafargue. Kerr Press, 79 pp. $1.25

LET HISTORY JUDGE: The Origins and Consequences of Stalinism Roy Medvedev. Vintage, 580 pp. $2.95

THE TRAFFIC IN WOMEN and Other Essays on Feminism Emma Goldman. Times Change, 66 pp. $1.75

THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MOTHER JONES Mary Harris Jones. Kerr Press, 242 pp. $3.50

ON THE POVERTY OF STUDENT LIFE Situationist International. Black & Red, 1973, 24 pp. 25 cents

ZAPATA & THE MEXICAN REVOLUTION John Womack, Jr. Vintage, 453 pp. $3.45

MY DISILLUSIONMENT IN RUSSIA Emma Goldman. Apollo, 263 pp. $2.95

POST-SCARCITY ANARCHISM Murray Bookchin. Ramparts Press, 412 pp. $2.45

THE INCOHERENCE OF THE INTELLECTUAL Fredy Perlman. Black & Red, 118 pp. $1.50

REPRODUCTION OF HUMAN CAPITAL Robert Cooperstein. Cooperstein, 1974, unpaginated 50 cents

THE ALIENATION OF MODERN MAN Fritz Pappenheim. Modern Reader, 1959, 189 pp. $3.45

MANUAL FOR REVOLUTIONARY LEADERS Michael Velli. Black & Red, 287 pp. $2.50

PROLEGOMENA: To a Study of the Return of the Repressed in History. Solidarity, 64 pp. $1.50

BREAKDOWN: Data on the Decomposition of Society John & Paula Zerzan. Upshot, 10 pp. $.25

THE KRONSTADT UPRISING Ida Mett, with an introduction by Murray Bookchin. Black Rose, 90 pp. $1.45

HISTORY OF THE MAKHNOVIST MOVEMENT 1918–1921 Peter Arshinov. Black & Red, 284 pp. $2.50

THE UNKNOWN REVOLUTION Voline. Black & Red, 717 pp. $4.00

THE ANARCHISTS IN THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION: Documents of the Revolution Edited by Paul Avrich. Cornell Press, 179 pp. $2.95

THE BOLSHEVIKS & WORKERS’ CONTROL Maurice Brinton. Solidarity (London), 1970, 86 pp. 75 cents


Periodicals from outside the U.S. are sent to us by surface mail and take about a month to reach us, but the contents are timeless. Issues that we have in stock will be listed in each month’s Ammunition Books Catalog.

FREEDOM: anarchist fortnightly vol. 37 no. 10, vol. 37 no. 11, vol. 37 no. 12, vol. 37 no. 13, vol. 37 no. 14

BLACK FLAG: organ of the Anarchist Black Cross vol. 4 no. 8

BLACK STAR: an anarchist review, vol. 1 no. 3

SOLIDARITY FOR WORKERS POWER: periodical of Solidarity (London): vol. 8 no. 3, vol. 8 no. 4


For those of you who don’t want to cut up your paper to make a bookstore order,

1. List the title, price and amount of book(s).

2. Add 5% for mailing.

3. Total (Mich. residents ad 4% sales tax) and there you have it. Write all checks and money orders to: Drop-Out Productions