Title: A Plea for Sanity
Date: 1977
Notes: Fifth Estate #285, August, 1977
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Everybody knows we’re living in a period of unprecedented disillusionment. People everywhere are questioning even those basic assumptions which once bound their futures up safely and securely with the future of this society—a society they once felt themselves indispensable parts of.

Nobody trusts our government anymore. People hardly ever go to church anymore, and when they do, it’s only to vandalize the premises and assault priests with their own crucifixes. The family is falling apart. Everybody steals (look at New York!). Why; just the other day a poll taken by the Opinion Research Corporation revealed that, even with reduced work hours and increased pay, more people are dissatisfied with their jobs than at any time since they started taking the poll 25 years ago!

It just doesn’t make sense does it?

Decidedly a breakdown in the social fabric is at hand, and if you’re not sure what it all means, you may be in for some rough times...Unless...Unless you plan ahead for your family’s future and begin today to keep a close watch on your emotions.

Yes, whatever the reasons for this disintegration, one thing’s for sure: once the malaise starts spreading, nobody will be immune (especially not you!), and the only way to prepare for the inevitable onset of disillusionment and despair is to memorize


  1. a general and lasting feeling of hopelessness

  2. inability to concentrate

  3. loss of self-esteem

  4. fear of rejection

  5. misdirected anger —

  6. feelings of guilt

  7. and extreme dependence on others


  • keep working

  • buy something

  • drink as much as possible

  • and follow your television’s advice

You know, more TVs recommend one amazing new psychic breakthrough than any other, and that’s confidence in the system. Fast, safe and guaranteed by constant federal control, confidence in the system will keep you immobile longer...longer...longer...and tend to calm and obscure the miseries of disillusionment and despair.

Confidence in the system...here at home in easy to swallow democracy form, or over there in new fast-acting thought control.

Remember, nothing works quite so safely, .., or so effectively, as not thinking about it.

Confidence in the system...have some today.

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