Though we do not accept commercial advertising, this Unclassified ad space is free for our readers’ use. We do not accept ads over the telephone, so please send your ads in writing to our office at: 4403 Second Ave., Detroit 48201.

“BOSSES’ Boy”—a UAW factional flier (leaflet) printed in the ‘40s—will pay $5 for one of them. Phone 823–1485.

“LOVE Animals Don’t Eat Them” on t-shirts, bumper stickers, tote bags, and sweatshirts. $4 t-shirts and $6 sweatshirts in XL, L, M, S. $4 tote bags. Bumper stickers $.50 each; 10 for $3; 20 for $5. Fruitarian Network, Box 4333, Washington DC 20012.

THE STORM! A Journal for Free Spirits. Special double issue on gay anarchy: $.69 per copy. Sample back issue $.40. Regular sub: $2 for 6 issues ($2.75 outside N. America. Send to Mark A. Sullivan, 2E, 227 Columbus Ave., NY, NY 10023.

CHEAT SHEET: The Revolutionary 3 Stooges’ way to cheat your ass off through skool. FREE! Send self-addressed stamped envelope and number of cheat sheets desired. Box 166, Wright Bros. Sta., Dayton OH 45409.

THE ZOOKS—Detroit’s own Antism rock ensemble, have released their first 45, entitled “Ten Years, Tangier” and “Lead-Free.” The record was produced outside of the aesthetically stifling music industry. It’s available by sending one dollar to ZOOKS, 1855 N. Elizabeth, Dearborn MI 48128. Signed: Lobster Newburgh.

I WILL answer all who write to me. I’m a musician and ex-male nurse; love all sports and music. I also write poetry and songs. Stephen Fraser, 76A4764, Box 149, Attica Correctional Facility, Attica NY 14011.

FREE SIRHAN ’78! Committee to Reopen the Sirhan case needs contacts to distribute buttons, poster, etc. If you can help & would like sample set, send $1. Write: ARC 78, POB 42644, SF CA 94101; 415-567-1651. Also, we have a 20 min. super-8 film on the case for your use.

“FREEZE PROFITS NOT PEOPLE” Bumper-stickers $.50 each. “BETTER ACTIVE TODAY THAN RADIOACTIVE TOMORROW” Stickers or buttons $.50 each; “NO NUKES”; “STOP NUCLEAR POWER” stickers/buttons $.50 each. COLT, Box 271-FE, Newvernon NJ 07976.

BUMPERSTICKERS $.50 apiece, include EAT THE RICH, SMASH THE STATE, DON’T VOTE, WAR IS THE HEALTH OF THE STATE, ADOLPH ROCKEFELLER and others; also various anarchist postcards including EAT THE RICH, Proudhon on government, etc. $.10 each; plus black flag buttons, $.50 each. Write / make checks payable to BLACK EYE PRESS, Box 30097 Wallingford Station, Seattle, WA 98103. All proceeds go towards financing other publishing projects. I will pay postage, minimum $5.00 order is appreciated.

THE second issue of ZEROWORK is finally out—with analyses of capital’s international manipulation of food and money, the underdevelopment of New York City, and class struggle in postwar Vietnam. Copies are $2.50 from Zerowork, 417 East 65th St., No. 7, New York City 10021. (For a review of ZEROWORK 1 by Pete Rachleff, see Fifth Estate, Nov. 1976).

Prisoner wants correspondence: John Dell, No. B85646, California Men’s Colony, Box A-2333 San Luis Obispo CA 93409.