Title: Revolution & Counter-revolution in Italy
Subtitle: Introduction to Albertani articles
Date: 1978
Notes: Fifth Estate #293–294, August 21, 1978

The following two articles, “The Return of the Social Revolution, Or, Well Dug, Old Mole!” and “Economic Crisis & Revolution. Or, a Propos of Capital and its Contradictions,” were written by a comrade from Milan who took part in revolutionary upsurge which engulfed Italy from the early part of this decade to its peak (so far) in 1977 and the Italian Spring.

Written during the months of November 1977 — January 1978, the articles were originally one piece and entitled Revolution & Counterrevolution In Italy. Old Mole consists of sections 2, 3 and 4 of the original and deal mainly with the social movements within Italy that have involved hundreds of thousands of people in revolutionary action that has renounced all the old leftist shit about sacrifice, vanguard parties and organizations, leaders, etc. Through their mere presence, these autonomous individuals and groups have forced all the old “leftist” (Communist Party, Socialist Party, etc.) and “New Left” groups ( Avanguardia Operaia, Lotta Continua, etc.) to show their true colors and denounce this new wave as counterrevolutionary. In fact, the Communist Party has even gone as far as comparing them with the fascist youth of the ‘20s and stating that they must be exterminated (see “Bits of the World in Briefs”, FE #291, April 30, 1978).

The second article, Crisis and Revolution is made up of the authors introduction and the first section of the original (although the introduction is laid-out to be part of Crisis and Revolution, it’s a good idea to read it before anything else, as the information in it is essential in understanding both articles).

Briefly dealing with the global economic crisis of capital, “Crisis and Revolution” attempts to sketch out the role Italy plays within it and the effects that such a crisis has had in relation to the social rebellion in Italy.

We hope to have more information on the situation in Italy today in upcoming issues.