UNCLASSIFIED costs 50 cents per line per week. Figure 5 words per line. (A word is a word, including 1 and 2 letter words. A phone number is a word. Street numbers are words.

Abbreviations should be sensible.) (NO LIMIT ON NUMBER OF LINES)


Liquidating entire collection of reptiles from all corners of the world. Interested persons call 935–2013 after 10 p.m.

For Sale: Gestetner Model 360 mimeograph machine, all the extras, perfect condition. Best offer. Artist’s Workshop Press. 831–6840

WANTED: Someone to teach me to play harmonica. Little pay, if any—much gratitude. Bob, VE 5–1871.

WOMEN — YOU AREN’T DRAFTED BUT YOUR FRIENDS ARE. Resisting the draft and war is not just a man’s job. Write: War Resisters League, Dept. D, 5 Beekman Street, NYC 10038.

New band needs a lead-rhythm guitar player and an organ player. If interested call Dave after 5 p.m. at KE 5–5354.

Interview with Bob Dylan. Complete in 3 back issues of the Fifth Estate. Send 50 cents in coin or stamps to Fifth Estate, 923 Plum St., Detroit, 48201.

BUTTONS — POSTERS Psychedelic mdse. all types. Wholesale only — Platt Mgf. Co. 420 So. Los Angeles, St., Los Angeles, Calif.

The FIFTH ESTATE will shortly be moving part of its operations to new and larger quarters. We will need desks, tables, typewriters, layout equipment, any office machines, file cabinets, etc. Give us a call and we will come and pick it up. 962–9336. Also, if anyone has a trailer, we will need one for moving.

“Keep America Beautiful—Plant Pot Seeds” Bumper-stickers — 50 cents each. Johnson, Box 13, Mt. Sinai, N.Y.


Jade East — keep in touch, leave your right phone number. Who ARE you?

For a baroque band — people possibly drums, auto-harps etc. Vicki. 8815759 after 3:30.

Esoteric guitar lessons in the realms of folk, rock, blues, raga banjo. Sid Spikedriver. Artist Music Center, 562–0130 or 372–1500.

NOTICE: May 24th, the Weekend Freedom Machine/Swedish Balloon is sponsoring a Zoo-In for Cass Tech students and Trans-Love freaks. We’ll meet at Cass Park (Second and Ledyard) at 8:30 a.m. Those with cars: Do It!

Female models wanted for amateur photographer. Call Howard or Sherry Habermon 961–2465 after 4:30 p.m.

Where’s Chuck Logan? Ken Eatherly, 433 Chenery, S.F., Cal. 94131.

MUSIC LESSONS, GUITAR — all styles. Also violin and mandolin. Located near Wayne campus. I. Kirsch, 871–1071.

A FIFTH ESTATE ad manager is desperately needed. This is the only paying position on the paper and if you work hard you could make $50 an issue: Help us and help yourself. You should be mature appearing (sorry to cop-out, but you will have to be dealing with ad agencies) and if possible have had some ad or business experience, although this is not necessary. Call the FIFTH ESTATE office at 962–9336 or write us at 923 Plum St., 48201.

Buttons, underground goovy sayings, protest, sex, pot, humor, etc., over 200 stamp for wholesale „’ retail list. Br- Market, 147 W. 57th St., NYC 10019

Marilyn, FOUR YEARS! How did you stand it? Pick up your medal for valor at home along with a thousand other good things.

“PERSONAL APPROACH” Special Edition, lists 200 ads, many photos from broad-minded adults eager to meet YOU! Exchange experiences, pix. Rush $1 (give age) and swing to new pleasures. GEORGE E. REMSON, 116 W. 87 St., N.Y., N.Y. 10024.

Middle-aged traveling man desires to contact expert masseuse in Detroit area. Write Mr. Anderson, Box 1235, Grand Rapids, Mich. 49501.

HUGO BLANCO MUST NOT DIE! Statements by Sartre, Guevara; report of international amnesty campaign for the imperiled Peruvian Peasant leader; speech by Andre Gunder Frank. 30 cents per pamphlet 4 for $1, postpaid. Robert McCarthy, Massey College 4 Devonshire Pl., Toronto, Canada

UNDERGROUND SUPPLIES Posters, bumper stickers—the wildest and grooviest selection of buttons in the U.S. at the lowest prices. Dealer requests invited. Send for free catalogue. PHILIP DRU, Administrator, Underground Distributors, 15 Christopher St., New York City 10014.

Mama & Papa Poster 22” x 28” $1.00 P.P. Seper Co., Dept. FE, 5273 Tendilla, Woodland Hills, Calif.

YOU!!! Go into the hippest bookstore you know. Say, I DEMAND ALL THE SOMETHING ELSE PRESS BOOKS!!! See what happens. You will be amazed what they turn out to be. That such wonders can exist. And at such a price. Try it. See what happens. Or, if the storekeeper seems a mite flabbergasted and doesn’t have the goods, you can SQUEAL on Him! Write us. In person. Something Else Press, Inc., 160 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010.


WANTED: FIFTH ESTATE Calendar editor. Apply at office or call 962–9336.

The most far-out REALIST yet is at the Fifth Estate Bookstore.

The FIFTH ESTATE needs art students or like-minded persons to help with layout, artwork, and layout, etc. If interested call 9629336 or come to 923 Plum St.