The Unified Megalopolitan Piece Pow Wow, a choreographed multi-media presentation will debut Thursday, June 8, at 8:00 p.m. in the WSU Community Arts Auditorium, Cass at Putnam.

The magic circus will feature performances by folksingers Phil Marcus Esser, Jan and Lorraine, and Tony Wright; bands including the MC-5, The Passing Clouds, and the Spike-Drivers; lights by The Magic Veil; poetry by John Sinclair and an astrological reading by Billy Reid. Unexpected sympathetic apparitions are also anticipated.

The light-sound-time trip will culminate in a vibratory participatory mass mantra raga.

This is Detroit’s first choreographed environmental presentation and if the excitement already being generated by the performers is any indication, it will cause mass synapse-snapping.

This summer the Pow-Wow will open in a theatre somewhere in the Detroit area presenting the many fine local artists around here. Hopefully, well known acts Seigal — Schwall Band, The Times Sq. Two, The Mothers and others will appear. This fall the Pow-Wow troupe will go on the piece path touring the waste and breathe of the country.

Tickets are available at the WSU ticket office and at the door. Single admission is $1.50 and $2.50 for couples. So bring a date and save some bread.