We rarely receive enough readers’ ads to warrant grouping them in a column, but we are always glad to assist our readers in communicating with one another.

The Charles H. Kerr Company, the world’s oldest nonsectarian publisher of socialist and labor literature, is putting together a compendium entitled Who’s Who in U.S. Prisons: 1984. The book will gather short sketches of those imprisoned for labor, feminist, environmentalist, anti-racist, peace, anti-imperialist and other such activities. It will also include persons whose offenses are not strictly political but who are victims of racist, sexist and anti-gay prosecutions. The Kerr Co. asks defense committees and civil liberties organizations, as well as prisoners themselves, to write Charles H. Kerr Co., 1740 Greenleaf Ave., Suite 7, Chicago IL 60626 with information on such cases.

The Emma Goldman Papers Project seeks letters, articles, speeches by or about Emma Goldman (1869–1940), prominent anarchist and feminist in the U.S. from 1890–1919. Contact: EGPP, UC Berkeley, Institute for the Study of Social Change, 2420 Bowditch, Berkeley CA 94720.

People interested in being in plays and skits on libertarian themes (to be put on at Cafe Detroit) contact S. Colman at 833–3023.

A group of Montreal anarchists have recently pooled their personal resources to purchase the building which houses the Librairie Alternatives Bookstore. This is a non-profit project whose purpose is to: establish a libertarian documentation center, and provide a meeting place for various groups in the community. We desperately need funding so that we can pay off the bank loan and start to make the necessary renovations to the building. No amount is too small! For further information please write, or send your donations to: L’Association des Especes d’Espaces Libres et Imaginaires (AEELI), 2033 St. Laurent, Montreal, Quebec H2A 2T3.

Ghost writer(s) desperately needed for four women to tell “true, extremely fast life” stories from behind prison walls. From the cocaine factories of South America to the streets of London, through the ghettos of Cleveland to the heart of Harlem. Please contact Lucia Torres No. 15134, 1479 Collins Ave., Marysville OH 43040.

For many years we, as war tax resisters, have openly stated our refusal to willingly pay for the tragedy of war. Once again we affirm life by declaring our opposition to the increasing militarism of our society. Please join us in a statement of personal empowerment which appears in local and national newspapers and magazines. For copies of the statement and information about war tax resistance, write: War Tax Resistance National Ad Campaign, 402 S. Glendale, Ann Arbor MI 48103.