Some bibliographic notes on articles in this issue

Some of the books consulted for Looking back on the Vietnam War:

Richard Drinnon, Facing West The Metaphysics of Indian-Hating and Empire-Building (1980);

Frances Fitzgerald, The Fire in the Lake (1972);

War Crimes and the American Conscience (testimony from the Congressional Conference on War and National Responsibility, 1970, edited by Erwin Knoll and Judith N. McFadden);

John Lewallen, Ecology of Devastation Indo-china (1971);

Felix Greene, Vietnam! Vietnam! (1966);

Vietnam Veterans Against the War, The Winter Soldier Investigation: An Inquiry into American War Crimes (1972);

Noam Chomsky, After Pinkville, in Prevent the Crime of Silence Reports from the Sessions of the International War Crimes Tribunal founded by Bertrand Russell (1971);

Harrison E. Salisbury et al, Vietnam Reconsidered Lessons from a War (1984);

William Appleman Williams et al, America in Vietnam A Documentary History (1985).

For the essays on biotechnology, (In the Image of Capital: the rise of biotechnology and Biotech: The Next Wave and Test-tube People: a review of Test-Tube Women, What Future for Motherhood?):

Jeremy Cherfas’s Man-made Life (1983);

The best historical treatment is Edward Yoxren’s “Life as a Productive Force, Science, Technology and the Labor Process,” Marxist Studies Vol. 1 (1981).

On seeds, see Pat Mooney’s Seeds of the Earth (Canadian Council for International Cooperation, 321 Chapel, Ottowa, Ontario K1N 7Z2 Canada).

Jeremy Rifkin’s Algeny is flawed and too long but worth looking at.

See also Genoveffa Correa’s The Mother Machine.