On Monday, April 23, almost 2,000 demonstrators converged on New York’s Wall street and attempted to close this bastion of capitalism. Over 200 were arrested in the action which brought together a coalition of 60 or so groups.

At dawn demonstrators blockaded the entrances to Wall Street but were broken up by a massive show of riot police.

One blockade held while others in mobile affinity groups turned over trash-cans and attempted to disrupt business as usual. At least two civilians were injured by the police; none seriously. More, protesters would have been arrested, but many escaped being taken to jail as other demonstrators freed them from the authorities—a practice known as an “un-arrest.” Most of the charges were dropped the next day.

After the blockade many people joined in an illegal spontaneous march through the streets. One of the organizers of that demo was jumped by five policemen and wrestled to the ground. He was charged with felonious assault, but that charge was also dropped.

One of the organizers of the Wall Street Action Committee said that armed police were everywhere due to the fact that the event was planned many months in advance and that the organizing committee was quite open with their plans. She said this was not the case in San Francisco as organizers there only planned the event three weeks prior to the action.

In San Francisco, 49 people were arrested at the financial district where the demonstration turned more violent when protesters smashed windows in the Bank of America and pelted police with stones, golf balls, and rotten eggs.

—from The Current, published by Big River Earth First! (BREF!). Rite them at POB 189, Pacific MO 63069.