Letters were mailed July 12 inviting hundreds ‘of Detroit area activists in the peace, civil rights, civil liberties and religious reform movements to a testimonial dinner honoring the Rev. David M. Gracie.

The Dinner will be held on July 21, 1967, at U.A.W. Local 174 Hall at 6495 W. Warren (at Livernois) at 7:00 p.m.

Rev. Gracie is leaving Detroit on August 1 for a new post with the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania. He is presently the pastor of St. Joseph Episcopal Church in Detroit.

In announcing the testimonial, Frank Joyce, speaking for the dinner committee, said, “Father Gracie by his work with the students of Northern High School during their boycott in the spring of 1966, through his involvement in the Draft Counseling Center and his countless other activities has made a tremendous contribution to Detroit. We wish to honor the causes for which he has stood as well as Father Gracie himself.”

Father Gracie will himself deliver the keynote speech at the testimonial. James T. Lafferty, a Detroit attorney, will be master of ceremonies.

Father Gracie has also been a founding member of People Against Racism, Citizens for Peace in Vietnam, Clergy and Laymen Concerned about the War, and was a member of the Study Commission for Northern High School appointed by the Detroit Board of Education.