Title: Have a Wild Summer!
Subtitle: 1995 Summer Gatherings & Actions
Date: 1995
Notes: Fifth Estate #346, Summer, 1995

National Nomadic Festival

Through September 2

A traveling RV-gypsy gathering that will join with local people in 14 cities across North America to create temporary autonomous zones, make art, cook food, establish squats, play music, celebrate, & protest. For a complete list of cities, call Arrow at 212/ 614–0393 or write: 209 E. 7th St., NY, NY:

Tentative Dates & Places

July 9–15, Albuquerque or Taos

July 16–23, Bay Area

July 23–29, Eugene OR

July 30-Aug. 5, Seattle WA

Aug. 6–12, Vancouver BC, at LaQuena Coffeehouse, contact Martha, 604/251-6626

Aug. 13–19, Minneapolis, contact Steve, 612/222-7911

Aug. 27-Sept. 2, Chicago, Contact Rich, 312/581-3480

Born of Fire: A Gathering of Heretics & Lunatics, Autonomists & Tribalists

July 18–22

SF Bay Area

Deviants of all stripes will be coming together for a few days to live and play outside of spectacular society and its various systems of oppression: work, school, church, and the state. Contact Matty, 510/601-7476 or write 3833 Clarke St., Oakland CA 94609.

Ten Days to Shut Fermi 2 Permanently July 28-August 6—Ann Arbor & Monroe, Mich.

The Fermi 2 Action Project, a ten-day conference/encampment/direct action protest to demand the immediate closing of the Fermi 2 nuclear power facility in Monroe, Mich. It is centered in Ann Arbor, July 28-August 6 and includes rallies, trespass actions, occupations, music, door-to-door outreach, workshops, an anti-nuke film festival and the Greenpeace boat, Moby Dick.

For complete schedule of events & registration info, contact The Fermi 2 Action Project, 3948 Grayton, Detroit MI 48224; or call 313/886-0608.

Dreamtime Village Corroboree

Aug. 1–31

The Corroboree is a marvelous experiment in festivity fostering an alternative village with an enormous vision. Dreamtime Village, and many “intentional communities” like it across North America, is a pilot project for invoking Fourier’s concept of “attractive labor,” a geography of fantastic, utopian dreams tempered by down-to-earth-grass-stains-on-yr-knees & dirt-on-yr-hands projects. From the community’s newsletter, the talkingmail: “No Entertainers, No Spectators: This is a Participatory Festival featuring a constantly shifting tableau of work projects, performances, dance, cooking, installations, gatherings & workshops.”

Dreamtime Village, Rt. 2, Box 242, W. Viola WI 54664, (608) 625–2217.

Public Fool Bus

Accompanying the Nomadic Festival will be the Public Fool Bus, an amalgam of erotic pranks & merry magic following some of its sister festival’s scheduled stops (see above). The Fools’ folly will follow a slower, more spontaneous schedule with more rural stops and an infusion of anarchic frolic. For more info, send an SASE to 4743 Hiawatha S., Minn. MN 55406; or call (612) 649–4961.