Where’s OGB been?

For several issues of the Fifth Estate, On Gogol Boulevard (OGB) produced a two-page spread on former Eastern Bloc and Third World anti-authoritarian struggles. However, due to numerous glitches, we’re missing from the FE again except for these short items. But, by next issue we should be back. In the meantime, OGB is available on our website shared with other New York City anarchist groups: http://Flag.Blackened.net/agony.

OGB-type info is also available from the Alternative Network for Eastern Europe list: send an e-mail saying SUBSCRIBE ALTER-EE to listserv@plearn.edu.pl. Neither East Nor West is at bobnenwogb@aol.com

And yes, computers do suck!

Also, OGB used to mail 250 copies of the FE and other papers which carried our section to mainly East and Third World sources. However, because of a lack of funds we haven’t done a mailing in over a year. Please send contributions for postage and other costs to maintain OGB’s work to Neither East Nor West, c/o Sub-Commandante “b”oB McGlynn, 528 5th St., Brooklyn NY 11215; 718-499-7720.

Russian Police Attack Anarchists

Renegade and organized police harassment of activists in Russia is rampant and there is almost no recourse against it.

In Volgodonski, about 50 anti-nuclear activists from The Rainbow Keepers were attacked by 500 to 600 nuclear power plant workers, with the complicity of the police and local authorities. Many sustained serious injuries. All tents in their protest camp were set on fire and all photo and video cameras destroyed. The activists who wanted to report the incident were arrested. Last year people were attacked at the same site.

The Rainbow Keepers need help replacing equipment destroyed in the attack on their camp and for legal expenses.

In Moscow, four apartments, including that of U.S. activist Laure Akai, were raided, hers for the third time in as many months. The latest raid, committed while Akai was in New York City, comes on the heels of raids against well-known authoritarian leftists in the government’s search for terrorists following a hot wave of political bombings in Moscow.

Computers, mailing lists, papers and personal items were seized. Police now are conducting a criminal investigation which amounts to carte blanche to harass anarchists and communists.

In the case of Akai, other personal items were taken. Her home is used for visitor housing as well as for seminars and meetings. The last two times, the police illegally entered the house with machine guns and responded to protests with threats including imprisonment, framing other anarchists for murder, eviction, staking out the place for draft evaders and promises to return for extortion money.

Laure needs to replace equipment to continue publishing anarchist magazines and to retrieve data concerning political repression in Belarus. Contributions can be made to NENW. Laure’s English language zine, Samizdat Anonymous, is available from Black Bread Press, P.O. Box 500, Moscow 107061, Russia.

Czech Anarchist Charged with Attempted Murder

Anarchist militant Jez Vaclav was arrested in the Moravian town of Blansko on two attempted murder charges and “keeping illegal arms”. On Saturday, July 6, Vaclav was attacked by two nazi-skinheads while erasing anti-anarchist slogans sprayed by local fascists. The two nazis attacked Vaclav brutally with clear intent to injure or kill him.

Vaclav drew his illegally owned gun and shot one bonehead in the shoulder, but the second one escaped. Police accused Vaclav of attempted double murder, claiming that the well known Blansko nazi skinheads were just “ordinary youngsters.” Vaclav faces twenty years in prison if convicted.

Vaclav is one of the most active militant anarchists in Czechoslovakia and a famous antifascist activist. He was recently sentenced to two years conditional release for refusal to report for civil instead of military service.

Please contact the International Secretariat of the Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation. Send protest letters to your local Czech embassy demanding they drop charges against Vaclav.

U.S. Czech consulate telephone is: 212—535–8814; fax: 212-772-0586.

Several anarchist groups including NENW and RASH (Red And Anarchist Skinheads) held a successful picket for Vaclav at the New York Czech consulate on July 29.

See the CSAF webpage at: