Title: Anarchy in Tennessee
Subtitle: Start the Millennium
Date: 1999
Notes: Fifth Estate #352, Winter, 1999

Join men and women, gays and straights, freaks, faeries, nomads, communitarians, gardeners, artists, deschoolers, pansies, poets, musicians, magicians, herbalists, jugglers, and others in Middle Tennessee, May 28–31, for a magical weekend retreat of revolution and relaxation.

The site for this rebellion and revelry is Ida (Idyll Dandy Arts) a queer community tucked away on 243 acres where many neighboring communities and households focus on sustainable living, from salvaging building materials to picking wild greens to protesting the military-industrial complex.

Get out to the woods with urban and rural activists to talk, plan, chant, sing, theorize and fantasize, build friendships and projects, hike to waterfalls, agitate and masturbate, share delicious veggie food, play in caves, and party like it’s New Year’s Eve 1999 and begin a 21st century of peace, food, and anarchy. Take your dreams for reality!