Title: Call for Submissions
Subtitle: Never SUBMIT!
Date: 2003
Notes: Fifth Estate #362, Fall, 2003

Never SUBMIT! Contribute to the Fifth Estate!


deadline: November 1st

Q: When radicals adopt, appropriate, or adapt the cultures and rituals of marginalized minority groups, they

(a) disrespect the integrity of the original forms through cultural tourism and neo-racism;

(b) challenge the monocultural homogeneity within the movement by discovering effective and powerful alternative perspectives; or

(c) waste valuable time and energy

Possible essays might address the controversy of cultural appropriation, the culture of anti-racism, race as a construct, race traitors, multiculturalism and pluralism for radicals, and more.

We always want reviews & reports on various topics: 800 words or less; feature-length articles: 1600–3200 words.

Illustrators: send us your work

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