Title: The Barn
Subtitle: Infoshop, bookstore and clubhouse
Date: 2003
Notes: Fifth Estate #363, Winter, 2003/2004



In the hills of Tennessee, about an hour east of Nashville, on the outskirts of Dismal (population zero), there exists a barn. It’s an ordinary old barn from all outward appearances—except for a few anti war banners and the buzzing, whirring hum of electricity. Inside, the scene is anything but what Ma and Pa Kettle would have intended.

If you don’t trip over the tangled network of power cords upon entering, you’re likely to find any number of collective members hard at work and jacked up on coffee. Welcome to the lair! The temporary autonomous zone is the Fifth Estate think-tank and the bookstore in a barn headquarters. Amidst the sprawl of endless creativity, you’ll find what is reminiscent of an Indymedia field office meets punk house.

With lively debates among comrades, the warmth of the wood stove, coffee maker brewing away, the archive of antique zines, and an always expanding radical library, you’ll soon learn what makes this labor of love such a worthwhile and rich experience. If you are ever in our neck of the woods, come check out our intensive info shop, bookstore, and lively collective clubhouse.


James Bell, The Last Wizards (2002) $5.00

A collection of essays that could be loosely described as “magickal anarchism,” from a contributor to the Earth First! Journal, Clamor, and Fifth Estate. The author discusses the tools, techniques, and forces that shift and alter our perceptions of the world.

Alexander Berkman, Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist $15.00

One of the finest examples of both anarchist thought and prison writings. No other book discusses so frankly the criminal ways of the closed prison society.

Alexander Berkman, What Is Anarchism? $14.00

Hakim Bey, Millennium (1996) $8.00

A mid-1990s collection including an interview with the author and essays calling for a spirit-based revolution and rethinking the premises of the Temporary Autonomous Zone in light of developments like the fall of Soviet Communism and the Zapatista uprising.

Hakim Bey, Immediatism (1992) $10.00

All experience is mediated, but thanks to Hakim Bey, we have an alternative. All the contemporary Crimethinkers should step back and check this brilliant little antecedent to every beautiful, chaotic manifesto circulating today.

Hakim Bey, T.A.Z.: The Temporary Autonomous Zone (1991) $8.00

This is the classic that changed our lives in the early 1990s, now in its second edition with a new introduction from the author. Back in 1993, FE celebrated this book as “one of the few significant attempts to circumvent the impasse stifling the creative potential of anarchism.” Now, as then, we favor “liberatory acts that build on traditions of autonomy, and desire.” Read this book again or get it for a friend.

Bureau of Public Secrets, Situationist International Anthology (1982) $15.00

This is the original and definitive collection of key Situationist texts. Rather than read fluffy, post-modern reinterpretations of these revolutionary French theorists, readers should go directly to the real thing.

CrimethInc., Off the Map (2003) $3.00

This is the story of two girls’ travels through Spain in search of the better world they know is possible. A magical work of poetry and optimism. Share this book with all your friends!

CrimethInc., Evasion (2001) $6.00

The notorious text discussing the possibility of living for free under the capitalist radar. An education on and glorification of dumpster diving, stealing from corporate chains, freight hopping, and other sneaky gestures in punk lifestylism.

CrimethInc., Days Of War, Nights Of Love (2001) $9.00

The definitive primer for the mad embrace of revolutionary lifestyle politics; an A-to-Z encyclopedia of techniques for smashing the state for fun and anti-profit.

Curious George Brigade, Anarchy In the Age Of The Dinosaurs (2003) $6.00

A big-hearted, rough-around-the-edges romp through the usual divisive topics and some new areas of interest. More subversive fun from the folks at Crimethinc. (see review on page 53).

Dark Star, Beneath the Paving Stones (2001) $15.00

This anthology brings together the three most widely translated, distributed and influential pamphlets of the Situationist International available in the sixties, along with an eyewitness account of the events of May 1968.

G. Debord, Society of the Spectacle (1967) $5.00

The first English translation of a path-blazing, radical text. Absolutely essential reading for anyone interested in Situationism. Don’t accept academic imitations; this is the original Black and Red edition still available at a proletarian price.

Paul Garon, The Devil’s Son-in-Law: Peetie Wheatstraw, (2003) $15.00 (w/CD)

The Surrealist author of Blues and the Poetic Spirit creates a brilliant reconstruction of the blues singer and the life he must have led. A fascinating picture of an era long departed. The companion CD makes this a great deal.

Derrick Jensen, Listening to the Land (2002) $16.00

The author of A Language Older Than Words gathers conversations with environmentalists, theologians, Native Americans, psychologists, and feminists, engaging some of our best minds in an exploration of more peaceful ways to live on the earth.

Judith Malina, Love & Politics (Poems, 2001) $5.00

The visionary co-founder of the Living Theater checks in with an amazing volume of indispensable verse.

Midnight Notes, Auroras Of the Zapatistas (2001) $14.00

A look not only at the Zapatista revolution directly but also at its enlightening effects on new social struggles elsewhere.

Dr. Ben Reitman, Sister of the Road: the Autobiography of Boxcar Bertha (2002) $15.00

This autobiography recounts the hard living depression-era saga of free-thinking, free-loving Bertha Thompson.

Franklin Rosemont, Joe Hill: the IWW & the Making of a Revolutionary Workingclass Counterculture (2002) $18.00

Rosemont gives us a meticulous and definitive chronicle worthy of Hill’s revolutionary spirit, sense of humor, and poetic imagination. A journey into the Wobbly culture that made Joe Hill and the capitalist culture that killed him. The book captures Rosemont’s contagious passion for IWW history.

Starhawk, Webs of Power (2002) $18.00

Direct from the affinity groups of the global justice movement, this book is a must-read for the revolutionaries of our time. While Starhawk is best-known for her role in the revival of North American neopaganism, with Webs of Power she solidifies her role as a radical spokesperson for the movement that began in Seattle and continues into the present.

Fredy Perlman, Against His-story, Against Leviathan (Black & Red 1983) $5.00

This former FE collaborator Fredy Perlman’s monumentally imaginative recounting of the origins and development of civilization, conceived as the systematic self-enslavement and self-alienation of human communities. “The same energy which helped Fredy to describe the horrors of civilization made it possible for him to summon up the forces of life and expectations of hope,” this collective rote in appreciation of Perlman after his untimely death in 1985.

Ron Sakolsky, Seizing The Airwaves AK Press $13.00

Ron Sakolsky, Surrealist Subversions (Autonomedia 2002) $23.00

Rants, writings, and images from the surrealist movement in the United States. A comprehensive document of over 700 pages, this book should be essential reading for everyone in the North American revolutionary milieu. “An explosive and diverse assembly of voices” —from the FE review, Fall 2002

Ron Sakolsky & James Koehnline, Gone To Croatan: Origins of North American Dropout Culture (Autonomedia) $14

An eloquent, solidly documented history to remind us all that American counterculture and resistance didn’t spring fully-formed from nowhere in 1965. An exciting look at disappearing tri-racial colonies and more.

Raul Vaneigem, Collection of Desires (no date) $10.00

A collection of classic Situationist essays including the complete Book of Pleasures, plus: “From Wildcat Strike to Total Self-Management,” “Terrorism or Revolution,” and “A Warning to Students of All Ages.”

William “Upski” Wimsatt, Bomb The Suburbs $12.00

Hip-hop, rap, and the culture that surrounds it. The subversion of whiteness, gangsta rap, grassroots journalism, breakdancing, freight hopping, Black intellectual thought, graffiti and more.

David Watson, Beyond Bookchin: Preface for a Future Social Ecology (Autonomedia/Black & Red 1996) $6.00

The most comprehensive discussion (and diss) of Murray Bookchin’s version of social ecology. As needed and expected, Watson explores new paths to thinking about radical politics.

David Watson, Against The Megamachine (1998) $14.00

For readers wanting an introduction to FE’s formative texts from the 1980s and 1990s, Watson delivers the goods. Wide-ranging essays ponder such themes as: the state; empire and war; humanity’s tragic relation to the natural world; and the contemporary mass society generated by industrial capitalism and modern technology.

Peter Lamborn Wilson, Pirate Utopias (Autonomedia) $10

Another bestselling book about the lost histories of rebels and renegades.


The Layabouts, “Workers of the World Relax” (2001) $10

Detroit’s original, anarchist world beat jams.

David Rovics, “Return” (2003) ON SALE for $10

All other CDs by Rovics $15

“Behind The Barricades: The Best Of David Rovics” (2003)

“Hang a Flag In the Window” (2002)

“Living in These Times” (2001)

Revolutionary soundtracks from the man who re-invented radical campfire songs. Thoughtful and intelligent; must-haves for anyone in the movement who enjoys good rabble-rousing and tear-jerking anthems.

“Peace Not War” (2003) 2 CDs $15.00

This anti-war fundraiser is an extremely eclectic and powerful compilation of songs for peace and justice. Highly recommended!


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