Title: Calendar of Resistance
Subtitle: April-September 2004
Date: 2004
Notes: Fifth Estate #364, Spring, 2004

April 5: Trial of Camilo Viveiros scheduled to begin in Philadelphia. Defend Camilo! Defend Dissent!


April 9–11 — Positive Action’s Fourth Annual DIY/T (Do It Yourself/Do It Together) Fest and gathering in Athens, Ohio. If you’re interested please email pos_act@yahoo.com for more info.

April 22–26 — Washington, DC — Anti-globalization/Anti-capitalist protests during the IMF/World Bank Spring meetings.

www.abolishthebank.org or visit http://www.50years.org for details and updates: call 202-IMF-BANK (463–2265) info@50years.org

April 25 — March for Freedom of Choice — Washington, D.C.


1725 Eye Street. NW, Suite 300 Washington,DC 20006 phone: 202-349-3838 fax: 202–3493839

RADICAL PRO-CHOICE CALL TO ACTION FOR APRIL 25, 2004: feminists, radical cheerleaders, anti-authoritarians. anarchists and all those concerned with women’s autonomy: join us on April 25th 2004 in Washington, DC for a highly festive mobile cheer bloc! TO get involved contact: The Radical Cheerleaders of DC: RCDC@mutualaid.org or Corie at 202-246-1822 or corie@resist.ca or Michael at 202–2133365 or michael@mutualaid.org

May Day — you know what to do!

May 15–16 — Montreal 5th Annual Anarchist Bookfair and Gathering 2515, rue Delisle (near metro Lionel-Groulx) MONTREAL, QUEBEC. For more info and updates, please see

http://anarchistbookfair.taktic.org/ TO GET IN TOUCH: email: anarchistbookfair@taktic.org telephone: 514-859-9090 post: Montreal Anarchist Bookfair 2033, boulevard St-Laurent Montreal, Quebec H2X 2T3 CANADUH

May 28–31 — 14th . Heartwood Forest Council, Middleburg, Virginia (45 minutes west of Washington D.C.) For more info: (812) 337–8898 — info@heartwood.org


May 28–30 Activist Summit & Communities Conference at The Farm in Summertown, TN

http://thefarmcommunity.com/conference contact thomas@villagemedia.com or douglas@villagemedia.com

June 4–6 Up Against the Wal-Mart! Protest the shareholders meeting in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Email: againstthewal@gofairtrade.net or visit www.againstthewal.org for more information.

June 8–10 — Sea Island, Georgia — Anti-G8 globalization protests near Savannah, GA.


June 13–21 — Eastern Forest Justice League Third Annual Forest Defense Training camp and skillshare in beautiful Southern Appalachia. contact: 423-949-5922, johnjef@bledsoe.net

June 18–20 — Allied Media Conference. Bowling Green, Ohio. info: amc@clamormagazine.org

Become the Media/Clamor Magazine, PO Box 20128, Toledo, OH 43610

June 18–27 — Natural Building Workshop at the Sequatchie Valley Institute at Moonshadow, near Chattanooga, TN. For more info please see www.svionline.org or contact SVI/Moonshadow — Route One, Box 304 Whitwell, TN 37397, mediarights@bledsoe.net, 423-949-5922.

June19-21 — “Occupied Territory: Anarchist/AntiAuthoritarian Gathering 2004” near Fresno, CA. For details, email modanarcho@yahoo.com or freemind@riseup.net

June 30-July 3 — We Are Resisting! Conference — AntiImperialist/Anti-Capitalist gathering in Lawrence, KS, followed by a day of action on July 4, in Leavenworth, KS. For more information, please visit the website http://www.kansasanarchist.net/WAR/

July 8–11 — 6th Annual Food For Life Workshops and Gathering at the Sequatchie Valley Institute at Moonshadow, near Chattanooga, TN. For more info please see www.svionline.org or contact SVI/Moonshadow — Route One, Box 304 Whitwell, TN 37397, mediarights@bledsoe.net, 423949–5922.

July 26–29 Democratic National Convention counter protests, Boston, MA.

http://blackteasociety.org/ contact the Bl(A)ck Tea Society at nodnc04@hush.com

August 25–27 — International Food Not Bombs Gathering in NYC.

August 29 — The World Says No to Bush — Worldwide Day of Action and protests in NYC preceding the Republican National Convention.

www.unitedforpeace.org info@unitedforpeace.org

Aug 29 — Sept 4- Republican National Convention counter protests and decentralized direct actions around NYC, and across the US and the globe.

www.rncnotwelcome.org or www.counterconvention.org

Compiled by john johnson for FE and revolutionaries everywhere (to add an event, please email johnjef@bledsoe.net)