June 28-July 5 — Earth First! Round River Rendezvous

Annual gathering of the Earth First! Movement. Contact: www.maineef.org, maineEF@yahoo.com, 1-800-MY-YAHOO mailbox # 922-487-3887, 224 West Side Drive, Verona Island, ME 04416

June 30-July 4 — We Are Resisting! Conference Anti-Imperialist/Anti-Capitalist gathering in Lawrence, KS, followed by a day of action on July 4, in Leavenworth, KS. For more information, please visit the website http://www.kansasanarchist.net/WAR/

July 8–11 — 6th Annual Food For Life

Workshops and Gathering at the Sequatchie Valley Institute at Moonshadow, near Chattanooga, TN. Join us for a variety of hands on workshops and discussions about Food. From the practical to the political to the philosophical, we try to cover it all! For more info please see www.svionline.org

July 23–25 — Boston Social Forum

More information: www.bostonsocialforum.org, Contact: info@bostonsocialforum.org

July 26–29 — Democratic National Convention counter protests, Boston, MA.

www.blackteasociety.org. Contact the Bl(A)ck Tea Society at nodnc04@hush.com

July 30-August 26 — March from the DNC to RNC (Boston to NYC) — www.dnc2rnc.org, dnc2nic@riseup.net

August 1–8 — Feral Visions Against Civilization

The 2nd Annual Black and Green Anarchist Gathering, in the southern Cascades of Oregon. Contact: feralvisions@greenanarchy.org, 1-866-270-1653, www.greenanarchy.org

PO Box 11331, Eugene, OR 97440

August 5–8 — Eleventh Annual Southeast Summer Permaculture Gathering at Earthaven, near Black Mountain, western NC. Network with permaculturists, organic growers, natural builders, and others. Workshops. projects, bonfires, music, drumming and dancing, and GREAT organic food! culturesedge@earthaven.org or http://www.earthaven.org/culture/Eventdetails/pcgathering.htm

August 10–17 — Burdock

A gathering for a free and sustainable future. Starks, ME. For info contact Burdock, Box 1582, Portland, ME 04104, burdock@riseup.net, www.burdock.org

August 12–15 — North American Anarchist Convergence (NAAC) in Athens, Ohio.

Contact: info@naac2004.org or www.naac2004.org

August 19–22 — Anarchist Social Retreat 2004, San Juan Mountains of Colorado. For more info, please call: Kristen, @ 719—539–3553 or email Travis: loveliberate@yahoo.com. ASR2004 forums: http://mhrbb.dbom.net

August 20–22 Life After Capitalism Conference, NYC.

www.lifeaftercapitalism.org To register, email continuinged@gc.cuny.edu

August 23–27 — Bushville Tent City and Homeless Encampment, NYC.

To participate or help us in any way, e-mail the Kensington Welfare Rights Union at kwru@kwru.org or call our march hotline at 888—233–1948. www.kwru.org

August 27 — Critical Mass Bike Ride, NYC.

www.times-up.org. Call the ride line at 212—802–8222 for info on this and other rides.

August 29 — September 4 — Republican National Convention

Counter protests and decentralized direct actions around NYC, and across the US and the globe. www.mcnotwelcome.org www.counterconvention.org, www.unitedforpeace.org, www.stillwerise.org

September 20–26 — Idapalooza Fruit Jam

A Queer Music Festival in the „hills of Tennessee! www.planetida.com or planetida@planetida.com

September 24–26 — Common Ground Country Fair Unity, Maine.

A premier organic country fair! www.mofga.org

September 24–26 — Renewing the Anarchist Tradition 2004, Plainfield, VT.

Co-sponsored by the Institute for Anarchist Studies and the Institute for Social Ecology. Contact: Cindy Milstein — cbmilstein@yahoo.com or John Petrovato, P.O. Box 715, Conway, MA 01341 or jpetrovato@hotmail.com

More info on happenings, gatherings, protests, etc... is available from the following; www.indymedia.org, www.infoshop.org, www.ainfos.ca/org and www.protest.net.

(to add events to future calendars, please email johnjef@bledsoe.net)