Title: Shout Outs
Subtitle: ...to and from Fifth Estate on its 40th birthday
Author: Various Authors
Date: 2005
Notes: Fifth Estate #368–369, Spring-Summer, 2005
Dear FE,

Happy 40th!

Love & Solidarity

Prison Book Program


Cultivate an eco-communitarian society.

Inhabit ecovillages.

Love Fifth Estate.

Also subscribe to: Green Horizon Quarterly

Visit: http://www.green-horizon.org

Write for information: Ecovillageremsn.com

Greetings & Solidarity!

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Chicago, IL 60626

Workers of the World, Tonight!

Greetings from

Ken Wong, Soul Rebel

Bored? Feeling blah?

Got the blues? Lose your inhibitions!

Experience Surrealism!

Greetings from the Surrealist Movement in the USA


AK Press wishes to congratulate Fifth Estate on its 40th Anniversary of anarchist publishing. Fifth Estate has been there through the thick and thin of the anarchist movement and remained an admired source of news and opinion for anarchists across North America. This year AK Press is celebrating its 15th Anniversary as an international publishing and distribution collective. We look forward to making it to our 40th and celebrating FE’s 65th!

-Regards, from the AK Press Collective.

LOVE LIFE: testament after Schopenhauer & Thoreau; gratis from: Solus, POB 111, Porthill, ID 83853

The Montreal Festival of Anarchy will be launched on April 29, 2005. At the largest anarchist event in North America, there will be films, poetry, and play readings, launchings, conferences, etc, leading up to the 6th annual Montreal Anarchist Bookfair (with a children’s program, films, art exhibits, theatre, introductory workshops, and a solidarity room) on May 21, 2005, followed by a day of in depth workshops on May 22. For more information, call (514) 859–9090 or write to anarchistbookfair@takic.org.


Other publications and projects besides ours are celebrating significant anniversaries.

Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed--25 years--Write C.A.L., PO Box 3448, Berkeley CA 94703 or www.anarchymag.org.

Infoshop.org--10 years--Anarchist site so filled with anarcho-info that it boggles the senses.

Congratulations to web-master Chuck Munson and others who make it happen.

Clamor--5 years--Bi-monthly anti-authoritarian magazine featuring a theme issue such as “Borders: They divide; We Conquer.” Write PO Box 20128, Toledo OH 43610 or www.clamormagazine.org.

Confluence--10 years--The St. Louis alternative community’s anti-authoritarian bi-monthly with a heavy emphasis on radical ecology. Write PO Box 63232, St. Louis MO 63163 or www.stlconfluence.org.

AK Press--15 years--Publisher and distributor of an amazing array of anarchist material. Write 674-A 23rd Street, Oakland, CA 94612 www.akpress.org. Also, in London and Edinburgh.