5 Occupied Iraq: The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill

7 First They Came For Ward Churchill

9 The New McCarthyism: On The Recent Purge Of David Graeber

11 Fear And Loathing At The University


12 Introduction: Wobblies At 100; Work At 4,000

15 Why I Was A Burglar

17 The Original Affluent Society: Living Good In The Stone Age

19 The Cult Of Stakhanov: Working For The Man

21 The IWW: 100 Years Of Resistance & Repression

28 Wobblies & Music: A Century of Radical Song

29 Strip Mining Big Rock Candy Mountain

29 Drinking Joe Hill’s Ashes: Interview with Billy Bragg

32 Still Wobbly After All These Years: A Mini-Memoir

34 Red Scare/Green Scare

36 Looking For Work


32 Sid Brown

38 Carlos Cortez

46 Antonio Tellez Sola


2 Letters

4 About This Issue

43 Reviews

54 Resistance Calendar

55 Bookstore: Books From The Barn

Cover & Back Page Design: Urbane Gorilla This issue dedicated in memory of Sid Brown

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