Title: Call for Submissions, Winter 2006–2007
Notes: Fifth Estate #373, Fall 2006
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The winter issue of FE will critically reflect upon contemporary anarchist and radical anti-authoritarian political movements. What directions should radicals--who wish to both create a revolution in our everyday lives, as well as to destroy the various and overlapping systems of oppression--take in our current political situation? We welcome theoretical, historical and practical pieces on political and cultural issues.

Articles provisionally slated to appear include a critique of precarity from a US perspective; a critical look at the nexus of vulgar anti-imperialism, anti-americanism and anti-semitism; the politics and aesthetics of anarchist marching bands; Colombian anarchists in New York City; and the current state of radical sexual and gender politics.

Theoretical articles should be written for a non-specialist audience. Assume that your readers are smart and well-read but not necessarily familiar with any specific terms, discourses, or concepts you introduce.

We encourage works regarding topics which you feel are usually ignored in anti-authoritarian publications. Please send inquiries first if you haven’t written the piece.

Deadline is: November 1 or sooner. fe--at--fifthestate--dot--org