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4 Anarchists & Sex Work

Aaron Lakoff

6 Wholly Shit — Church Reviews


7 Grand Jury Resister Freed

*8 Education as Domestication of Inner Space

Layla AbdelRahim

11 Agriculture History Misses Mark

John Zerzan

12 Ken Kesey & the Merry Pranksters

Mike Peters

13 Obscene Kite Incident

15 The Impossible Community

Jim Feast

17 Hypocrisies of the Left

Jonny Ball

18 Our Revolution

Peter Dudnik

20 Chilean Anarchist Interview

D. Sands

22 History of Neither East Nor West

Bob McGlynn

43 Books & Publications Received

45 Fifth Estate on the Web

Quincy B. Thorn


Anarchy: Letter for Insurgent Dreamers

scott crow

Autonomous Zones

Jesse D. Palmer

*Magnetic Anarchist Strategy

Alex Knight


Ron Sakolsky

* Marie Mason

Insurrection of Imagination

Jason Rodgers

Anarchists Against the Wall

David Finkel

*Bakunin: “Father of Anarchism”

Mark Leier

Riot in London

Gyorgy Furiosa

Mallarmé: Anarchist

Peter Lamborn Wilson

Revolutionary Spain

David Porter

Portrait of a Snitch

Margaret Killjoy


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