Title: Contents of print edition
Date: 2014
Notes: Fifth Estate #392, Fall/Winter 2014 — Art & Anarchy
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FIFTH ESTATE #392, Fall/Winter, 2014, Vol. 49, No. 2

Cover: D. Sands

4 Welcome to the Idiocene

Max Cafard

5 Logistical Anarchism

Jeff Shantz

7 VR Troopers:

Jason Rodgers

8 Seattle’s Left Bank Books

Sylvie Kashdan

9 Anarchist Golf?

Joseph Winogrond

11 Free Marius Jacob Mason

12 Dirty Yeti: DIY House

Taylor Weech

15 Death & Deadening

Bryan Tucker

17 Civilization & Collapse

John Zerzan

18 On the Sale of Bodies

Thaddeus Blanchett

21 Books & Publications

22 Tune, Occasion, and Memory of Mnisota

Josefine W.W. Parker (Voyager

31 Love & Letters of Insurgents


33 Cazzarola!: Anarchy, Romani, Love

Steve Izma

35 The Failure of Non-Violence

Norma D. Kotomy

37 Political Music is Mysterious

Kristi Phillips

39 Fifth Estate on the Web

Quincy B. Thorn

40 Domesticated Animals & Us

Ian Erik Smith

41 No Dance; No Revo

Peter Werbe

42 How and why I wrote Cazzarola!

Norman Nawrocki

Art & Anarchy Section 24–31

25 Years of Puppets

David Solnit

Surrealism is (Still) Elsewhere

Ron Sakolsky

Anarchist Art in the Gallery

Tom Nys

Anarchism & Yiddish Theatre

Jim Feast


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Vol. 49, No. 2, #392 Fall-Winter 2014

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