Title: Contents of print edition
Notes: Fifth Estate #394, Summer 2015 — Technology
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COVER: “St. Mary of the Machines”--Stephen Goodfellow BACK: Joey Salamon

3 AnarchoShorts & Other tales from the planet

3 Letters

4 Fifth Estate celebrates 50th year

5 The Rojava Revolution

Andrew Flood

6 All Organizing is Science Fiction

adrienne maree brown

7 When the War Comes Home

Marieke Bivar

9 Federico Arcos Dies at 94

David Watson

10 Storm Warnings

Feral Sage

13 Paradigms

John Zerzan

14 Transhumanism vs. Primitivism


16 Control of Computerized Television

Jason Rodgers

18 Computers in Allende’s Chile

Ian Erik Smith

19 Passing of An Anarchist Prankster

Bill Boyer

21 Judith Malina Dies at 89

Lorraine Perlman

22 Out of Love

Jim Tull

24 Anarchists Confront the Marxist State in Cuba

Quincy B. Thorn

25–41 Vietnam: A War of Lies

History & Forgetting

David Watson

No One Spat on GIs

Jerry Lembcke

History of Make Love; Not War

Penelope Rosemont


C.W. Boles

The Pool at the Sak Woi Club

Nhi (Nancy) Chung

42 Anarchist Culture


47 Anarchist Theatre Festival