Title: Fire Ant
Subtitle: New Anarchist Prison Support Zine Calls for Solidarity with Locked Down Comrades
Notes: Fifth Estate #402, Winter 2019
SKU: FE-0402-00012521-0030-00013108

This first issue of Fire Ant, an anarchist prison solidarity zine, is published by Robcat and the incredibly energetic comrades in rural Maine.

It is a long term project for and with anarchist prisoners specifically, not a general prisoner support publication.

The goals are to raise material aid for imprisoned anarchists, spread information about imprisoned anarchists and anarchy, and foster communication between imprisoned and free roaming anarchists.

It is available in several different formats all of which can be downloaded from the Bloomington (Ind.) Anarchist Black Cross web site bloomingtonabc.noblogs.org/

As Fire Ant shows its solidarity with anarchist prisoners, so can we show ours to their efforts. The Fire Ant collective can be contacted at Fire Ant, PO Box 164, Harmony, ME 04942