The Trans-Love commune, as reported in the FIFTH ESTATE two issues back, is planning a move from their quarters on John Lodge and Warren to the corner of Forest and Second Avenues in the Warren-Forest. Originally scheduled for the first of October, the move will be held up until the middle of November due to machinations on the part of property owner Monte Korn, of Korn Realty.

After accepting Trans-Love’s money, Mr. Korn decided that it would be too easy just to rent the building and insisted that the group petition the city for permission to live in the building, which was formerly a medical clinic but has been vacant for at least the last six years.

Application was made for a “change of occupancy” permit, and the permit is presently being appealed to the Board of Zoning Appeals in the City of Detroit. The hearing will be held on the 7th of November and a decision made at that time. Trans-Love will be represented by Attorney Gil Donohue, of the Urban Law Clinic.

When occupancy is permitted, the building will house the Artist’s Workshop Press, the SUN newspaper, Detroit LEMAR, the Pisces Eyes Poster Co., and the entire Trans-Love commune, including the 100 Camels Bookstore.