As part of the April 26 Student Strike against the Vietnam War, hundreds of high school students from the metropolitan area walked out of school or protested by other means.

At Cass Technical High School, which draws students from the entire city and beyond, 300 walked out at 9:30 under the direction of the Cass Afro-American Club and the Detroit High School Student Mobilization Committee. An undeterminable number of other students stayed in school wearing black armbands, which were distributed by DHSSMC.

About 75 at Denby High School walked out into the hands of waiting police. One student was reportedly maced, although the administration denies any violence. A few of them also made it down to the Wayne demonstration.

An estimated 600 left Mumford, although most of them just went home.

Gordon Fox, chairman of DHSSMC, commented that he had not expected nearly as many participants, “Well, we just miscalculated,” which all goes to prove that high school students really do care.