(by the Demolitions Editor)

“Send a boy to do a man’s job and naturally you can expect those involved to start falling apart when they get caught.”

This is the opinion of one of the defense attorneys for those accused of setting eight terrorist bombs in the Detroit area.

Halfway through the preliminary examination, where the prosecution is required to show the commission of criminal acts and the defendants’ connection with them, Judge Thomas Poindexter agreed to drop charges against six persons.

The motion came from the prosecutor on the grounds that the six had agreed to be witnesses against their friends and co-defendants.

Those who have decided to testify for the State are Gary Miltemore, Jeffrey (Randy) Farr, Deidre Flowers, Sandra Rousseau, Barbara Lynn Minor and Marjorie Lynn Burek.

Reaction to their decision was mixed. Attorney James Lafferty, counsel for Ben Parks and John Schmittroth, said, “It’s evident that if the defendants are ready to sell-out the prosecutor is prepared to make a deal. And he did in the cases of the six who were released.”

Lafferty said that more evidence has been brought against those who have been dismissed than any of those remaining as defendants. “This points up exactly, what is so dangerous about conspiracy charges. Your guilt is proven by circumstantial evidence and opens the door to perjury and deals with the prosecutor.”

Another and much stronger reaction came from a bearded, long haired street brother who refused to identify himself. but said, “All I can say is that it ain’t going to be safe for any of those motherfuckers who squealed to walk the streets. It’s going to be just like the “Battle of Algiers”—squealers have got to be dealt with.”

With the release of the six this leaves eight persons still accused with two still in the Wayne County Jail: Dave Valler and Ron Pierce.

Efforts of the defense committee set up to aid the defendants remains in fairly low gear until after the end of the examinations. The hearings are set to resume Jan. 9 in Recorders Court.