Every newspaper has left over papers from returns from stores and sellers. Usually these are just discarded and considered as junk since they are out-of-date.

However, our staff can not bear to think of the leftovers of our treasured publication as winding up in an incinerator. We think there is too much important material of lasting value to just discard, so we thought of a solution.

People can come to the Fifth Estate office and pick up as many back copies as they can distribute and give them away where they think best. This will serve a promotional function for the paper and get it into as many people’s hands as possible.

Small troubles. Someone took about $20 cash and $30 in checks from our office two weeks ago. We were able to straighten out the problem with the chomps responsible for the theft, but they had destroyed all the checks. So, if you subscribed recently and don’t get your canceled check back from the bank, you know what happened to it. We would appreciate it if you would write us another one since your subscription has begun.

The incident disturbed us beyond the small amount of money lost. It hurt us to think that some one from our own community would hit us. Go hit J.L. Hudson’s; they can afford it, we can’t.

If your favorite suburban bookstore doesn’t have the Fifth Estate displayed as usual ask the man at the cash register for it. Suburban pigs have been going through a terrible harassment thing with our sellers and many have begun carrying it under the counter. The police actions are completely illegal since they know they could never even secure a warrant against us on obscenity let alone a conviction. We salute the sellers who have refused to buckle under to the pressure.

This increased attempt to suppress our publication means we need even more help from you. If you can sell the paper in your college, high school, office or plant, come by and pick up papers at our office or at the Military Outpost on Plum. If your local bookstore, headshop, or record store doesn’t carry the paper, ask them if they will. ATTACK!