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      Dear Dr. Schoenfeld,

Dr. Eugene Schoenfeld speaking at Community Arts Auditorium, May 28, 1969 at a benefit for Open City. Photo: Alan Gotkin.

Things You Like

Dear Dr. Schoenfeld,

Here’s a reply to the reader of your column in OZ (the English underground monthly) who wanted information about circumcision.

I was circumcised as an adult, at the age of 24, some 14 years ago. I’ve never regretted it for a moment—nor, so she tells me, does my wife.

But there is one danger I would warn of, by relating what happened to me. I went out on a date while the stitches were still in place, indulged in a very chaste good-night kiss on the steps of a women’s dormitory, had an erection that tore out a couple of stitches, and thereby managed to drench my trousers with blood. I’ve always wondered what the dry cleaner’s staff thought when they had to clean those trousers.

For what it’s worth, my own opinion is that I enjoy intercourse more because of being circumcised. Certainly it never occurred to me to be embarrassed about being circumcised as an adult.

ANSWER: I plan to write to John Lennon telling him how significant I think the Lennon-Yoko photo has been and will be in contributing to a healthier attitude about nudity. When I do I’ll enclose your letter. I’m not convinced that circumcision is necessary or desirable in most individuals but maybe Lennon will be—if so, a slightly clipped version of that famous photo may have to be issued.

QUESTION: I have been living with the young man of my choice for a year now. Since my mother disowned me at that point I lack certain fundamental information.

With regular sexual relations should I be douching? How, why, when, and what for?

ANSWER: From the standpoint of health, douching is unnecessary in normal women. Vaginal secretions and the menstrual flow have a kind of cleansing action. A warm tap water douche once or twice a week will not be harmful.

Dear Dr. Schoenfeld,

I am a single woman of 25 and I, too, have a “hooded” clitoris. I had the same problem of not being able to achieve orgasm ‘except by cunnilingus or masturbation for 12 years—that is until three months ago.

Six months ago, I began exercising the muscles of my genital area and my buttocks. I found that attempting to clench my vaginal muscles had a side effect of actually moving my clitoris a bit out of the surrounding skin and back again. This small friction made my clitoris mildly sensitive.

Experimenting further, I found that if I concentrated steadily on my clitoris while clenching, the mild sensations became very strong ones. I tried all of this under coital conditions—to no avail. I was very stimulated but no orgasm until one day I shifted my position (I was astride this time) so that the penis rubbed against my clitoris. The resultant friction combined with vaginal clenching produced a very intense climax for me.

In the primary position (while I lay supine) I find that I can achieve orgasm only if my partner shifts his body upward—again for better penile-clitoral contact.

Please pass this information on to other young women who are unnecessarily frustrated.

QUESTION: I have been going with a girl, she is in her 20’s and we have been having relations together for awhile but there is one problem, and that is she doesn’t have too much of a breast and sometimes it feels like you are on top of a board, and I ask her to see a doctor to see what can be done, but I believe she is the shy type, so if there is any pill or any thing you can suggest please put it in your column and I will show it to her and not let her know who he is talking about without hurting her feelings.

ANSWER: Maybe your girlfriend doesn’t want to have “too ‘much of a breast” and is perfectly happy with her body. One thing is certain: many guys really dig small breasted girls. A tall slender blond told me once that despite being flat-chested and even having inverted nipples, her sex life suffered not at all.

Birth control pills often cause enlargement of the breasts and this also occurs in pregnancy. Plastic surgery produces good cosmetic results but the cost is about $1,000.

I mentioned your letter to the Los Angeles secretary of the Peace and Quiet Party. She said “Tell him to */&+”.

Dr. Schoenfeld welcomes your questions. Write to him c/o P.O. Box 90Q2, Berkeley Calif. 94719.