UNCLASSIFIEDS cost 50 cents per line per issue. Figure four words per line. (A word is a word including one and two letter words. A phone number is a word. Street numbers are words. Abbreviations should be sensible. DISCOUNT RATES: Five runs cost 35 cents per line.

Get ordained—Send name and address to Universal Life Church, 1766 Poland Rd., Modesto Ca. Get 4-D draft exemption, half fare on airlines and trains and marry people. No cost or obligation, only “What is right.”

Unjustly imprisoned young male desires correspondence with eligible young females. Gregory Allen Johnson, 117028, Lock Box 500, Ionia, MI 48846.

BI-GUY needs girl or boy who grooves on music, motorcycles, sex. BI’s and freeks are great. Call Hiram at 895–8211.

POSTERS wholesale to dealers. Free catalog. Distributors’ inquiries invited. San Francisco Poster Co., P.O. Box 38036 Hollywood, Ca.

Wanted—unusual offers. P.O. Box 613, Flint, MI 48501.

LEGAL HASH. Turn-on guaranteed. Just like grass, cook or smoke it. $2 a lid makes 20 groovy joints. 3 lids/85, 7 lids/ $10. Hurry! WINNER, Box 48475-FE, Hollywood, 90028. Dealers wanted.

Husband, 25, loves wife but seeks enjoyable relationship with other married women. Utmost discretion. Contact me at P.O. Box 254, Detroit, MI 48231.

Plymouth “Pigs” suck! (Says Lesley)

Considerate easy-going gay single, 25, would like to hear from a girl, who would like a pleasant date. Troy, Clawson, Royal Oak area. Phone: 399–1707, Walt.

Uncle Russ—don’t “kick out the jams” at the Ballroom, get a bigger and more well known location: Al & Oneida.

Black couple seeks clean freethinking female any race for weekend expressions. Description and meeting info. E. Arrington, 5098 French, Det. 48213.

The electronics curriculum at Cass Tech blows.

STELLA CIGARETTE PAPERS All types of Watch Bands, Glasses Peter Fonda and Round Wire Frames. All types of Rings. Wholesale only. Platt Mfg. Co., 424 S. Los Angeles St., L.A. 628–1205 or 628–4065.

Nursing exp. companion, confidante. Female, 37, part time to gentleman or lady. Utmost discretion. TY9-1938.

Mary C. at F.H.S.—Happy Birthday, whenever it is. You are swell and I respect your mind too. Patiently Waiting.

Bachelor, 28, well-educated seeks same for roommate and/or for companionship. Call 567–0213. Evenings.

Steve Richards—Call Open City about your parents. 831–2770. 4726 Third, Detroit.

Fuck the pigs who busted Jerome and Jeff, mostly to damn attorney against John Sinclair and Fred Smith—Karen, Pontiac.

ATTENTION ALL CUTE BOYS Don’t dig girls? Friendship and help available. I’m 22. Visit Detroit frequently. Be my guest in NYC. Must include photo. Mansion; Box 232; Yorkville, NY. 13495.

Professionally trained dancers to aid in formation of dance Co. 19–25, serious minded, able to travel, out of school. Willing to work very hard in developing new dance concept. Call LO18754, ask for Ann Marie.

US is suggested for persons under 30 not accompanied by parent or guardian.

MOTORCYCLES—Tired of being screwed by capitalists? Resistance Bike Shop does repairs, speed tuning, customizing. Specialize in electrics. Brian & Ken. 836–5055 or 476–8650.

Dear Booby, Someone sprayed love potion on my jacket. Boug.

Susan J.—I’m in Detroit and trying to find you, so call Liz.—John.

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TURN ON with the “Famous Trip-Out Book.” Sure-fire formulas to make hash from legal chemicals. Make Peyote, DMT, Cannabis, Mescaline, LSD, etc. Do it now. Send $2 to TRIPS-UNLIMITED, Box 36395-FE, Hollywood, 90036.

Gay Boy, parttime freak, wishes to meet other Gay Boys. Send age, picture and particular interests, to Occupant, Box 3290, Pontiac, MI 48059. Replies Confidential.

Head Shops: I make beautiful feather flowers & things. Call Elaine at 422–0761.

Would like to hear from guys under 30. Discretion assured. White male, 32. Box 9025, Ann Arbor, MI 48106.

DON’T ANSWER an adult personal ad until you see what other people write. Dozens of hot letters answering bi and straight ads placed by single girls and swinging couples just released (Sent in plain wrapper) RUSH $2 for the Letter File, Box 36395-FE, Hollywood, 90036.

US is coming!

Would like to hear from a girl who is opposed to the war and wants to ask things about it and talk about the love and peace that’s gone away from the world these days. Sgt. R.R. Guise, RA 12981799, 1 st.per.serv.bn. (psd) 1st Air Cav Div. (AM) APO San Francisco, Ca. 96223.

Photographer needs girls for figure modeling. Call James, at 862–9836. 12 to 1:30 p.m.

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Keith, I love you—Dyane.

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US is together. Get together with US

Political organizers need photo chemicals free if possible. Contact D. Shoemaker, 1215 Coplin, Detroit, MI 48215, 8/3-2387.

FULL SIZE train caboose, Ideal for off campus living or small cottage or headshop. Will deliver anywhere. Send for additional info and picture: caboose, Box 402, Rochester, MI 48063.

Supergrass is not illegal yet, but it has been confiscated by the police in Frisco, D.C., and L.A. Supergrass is a 100% legal substitute for pot; it looks, smells and gets you there like the real thing. Guaranteed. $2 per lid. 3 for $5. 7 for $10. F. Kaleda, Box 1 34-SG, Kent, Ohio 44240.

FRENCH TICKLERS! 95 cents each. 3-$2.50, 7-$5 (must be sold as novelty only) F. Kaleda, Box 134-FG, Kent, Ohio. 44240.

Attractive well-built gal wanted to fill the void in my bed made by my ex-wife who left saying I want too much too often. 868–6898.

Wanted, female traveling companion for summer of camping and sailing small sailboat in Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. Call 867–0737.

Detroit Fastest growing club, swinging gals, guys couples, Confidential. No forwarding fees. $1 to Box 635, Warren, Mich. 48090.

Wishes to date girls. Please call Mike at KE7-0954. anytime Thank you.

Werbe is really a cop lover. s/ One Who Knows.

Stag party records! Hard to get albums now available. Write: Records, 15596 Delaware, Det. MI 48239.

VITAL DRAFT INFO: $1 to Rev. John Moore, Box 48, Berkeley, Ca. 94701.

Male, 29, quiet type with money, wishes to freak out with quiet type female and follow the sun. write box 1204, Warren, Mich. 48092.

Watch out for US!

Nympho wanted. Groovy female Send pictures. phone, etc. to Box 6453, Detroit, 48234. No jokers please.

Male, 19, wants to meet girls in Warren area or MSU campus Martin Moffat, 275 N. Hubbard. E. Lansing.

Music is my main stick. Our groovy selection is a gas. Rainbow Record Shop, 6524 Woodland Ave., Philly. SA9-9510.

John Jay Iselin—Please call the office.

Support the Washington 9, Legal Defense Fund. Contributions: The Resistance, 31 King or: Visitation, 1946 Webb, Detroit, Mich.

John B.—Happy Natal Anniversary, handsome, from yer ever luvin Sandy.

The jails of mind and the body must be destroyed. Freedom never did come cheap. Barry Barkan.

Chuck—Call Bob at 965–7800 ask for the TV shop after six.

Wanted: Keyboard Man call: GR6-0076 ask for Buzz.

Male model slim but well-endowed. Will pose nude for girls. Call Bill, LI6-2895, 12 p.m. only.

Ex-collegian, Black, refined, discreet, will share cozy West Chicago apartment with female student, sales, or clerical workers any race. $35 monthly. WE5- 3192 evenings.

Male would like to meet couples or girls for lessons in French, Greek, or Roman culture. Write To Box 12, Allen Park, Mich.

Young set designers, artists, costume designers to work on production aspects with dance co. Call LO1-8754, ask for Ann Marie.

Gay male books, magazines, movies, free catalogues. Trojan, Box 2121-H, Phila. Pa.

Two Detroit freeks in West Virginia prison need records, books, etc. Call 833–8058 after 6 pm.

Scott stereo amp. 60 watts, $90. Call Allen, UN.4–6395.

Female “spread” magazines, movies, paperbacks, free catalogues. Beaver, Box 2373-H, Phila. Pa.

Hip Accountant, college trained, does accounting and tax work for the Fifth Estate in addition to his regular job, wishes to handle books and tax work for several other underground and hip concerns, individuals, etc. Wishes eventually to do this on a full time basis. Rates very reasonable. Call 272–4478 or call Fifth Estate office and leave message for Bill Rowe.

Female reader, 19 to 35, to record risque literature. Sensuous voice essential. $8 per hour. Call 5418014 after 4 p.m.

Two intelligent freethinking bachelors wish to meet girls interested in weekend love-ins and/or ? WO1-9500, ex. 505.