Free medical attention for Detroit’s Free Community is now available at the Open City office, 4726 Third, every Monday evening from 6 until 8 pm.

Although this service has been in operation only a month the response has already been very encouraging. At this time plans are being considered to keep the service open three days a week and additional doctors and nurses have expressed an interest in Open City.

Dr. Fred Alpern, a resident at a local hospital, is in charge of the operation, assisted by two registered nurses. He has this to say about the project:

“Most of the people who come in either have some problems with drugs or questions about venereal disease. Sometimes patients come in just to see how straight we are. Often we treat minor things like cuts or injuries resulting from household accidents.”

In addition to treating physical ailments the Open-City Medical Committee is offering free counseling and psychiatric attention.

Psychiatrists, social workers, and psychiatric nurses, along with members of the Open City Medical Committee, are already forming group discussions and therapy for people who have called the switchboard for help.

These groups, consisting of 8 to 10 members, will serve both as an outlet and support for people who are hassled by parents, school, drugs, or anything else that causes them to seek help.

There are plenty of openings in the groups, so all those desirous of this service should call the Open City switchboard at 831–2770.

The Nursery Committee headed by Jane Forrest has just opened a child care cooperative using a Summerhill type (child-centered) approach. The cooperative needs play equipment, toys, art and musical supplies.

New members are welcome and interested parents and friends should call 8752719.

On Friday June 7th at 2 pm a press conference will be held at the Fifth Estate office (1107 W. Warren) to explain Open City to the general public.

Local and national media have been invited to attend, including all high school and college newspapers.

Also being planned that week is a meeting with Police Commissioner Spreen to map out for the law what Open City is all about. Hopefully this will cut down on any incidents of abuse or harassment once school is out and people start coming to the Warren-Forest area.

Open City’s funds are low and the medical service and nursery cooperative are not self-supporting. Donations can be sent to Open City, 4726 Third, Detroit, Michigan, 48201.

The switchboard (831–2770) is open from 10 am until 11 pm, the medical service is every Monday, and group counseling will start in June.


These people should call the switchboard and see what’s up:

Lyn Doeker

Steve Richards

Karole Katuzin

Robert Rucker

Mary Sloan

Bill Hartwill

Sue Lynberg

Andy McNair

Joan Howard

Cindy Houghton

Laura Moyer

Christine Jan

Counseling sessions on the phone every Monday and Wednesday, 7 pm to 11 pm. 831–2770