UNCLASSIFIEDS cost 50 cents per line per issue. Figure four words per line. (A word is a word including one and two letter words. A phone number is a word. Street numbers are words.) Abbreviations should be sensible. DISCOUNT RATES: Five runs cost 35 cents per line.

Amazing opportunity for starting and operating your own successful small business. Free details: B&W Enterprises, P.O. Box 9175F. Boston, Mass. 02114.

CENSORED You can be sure you won’t hear “Je T’Aime...Moi Non Plus” by Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg on the radio. This is the act of love sensitively and poetically portrayed against a beautiful musical background. Europeans have already discovered it and made it the number 1 single record on their continent in spite of censorship. Fontana Records makes it available here and now. Listen to it.

Self-employed bachelor age 47, wants women for swinging dates. Call Albert, 368–0530, 11 am till 11 pm.

I love Jerry and I’m glad we got married. We showed my parents freeks can live happily ever after. Ruth.

Male would like to meet girls interested in love not war. 760 Catherine, Muskegon, Mich. 49442.

To Jane of Rondeau, Chris loves you.

Anyone wishing to communicate with an uptight Canadian about anything, write D. Gammage, 174 Hunt Club Drive, London, Ontario.

Army psycho-reject, Playboy Tom, is back in town, drinking wine and barking at the moon!—

Larry & Gary: You got your fix; did you get your variety pack? Paul & Jer.

Wet Paint will return. Hippie is a freak. Hi Joe Joe Sloppy. I love Mish, Gloria.

Cash for groovy stained glass windows and light fixtures. Call John K., 823–2783 eves, 9638240 days.

Restaurant-type oven-grill, suitable for bars restaurants or home use, $100. Excellent cond. Call TE3-8598.

GIs and Veterans Against the War in Vietnam will hold their next meeting September 24th at 7 pm. at 5705 Woodward Ave. If unable to attend please write to get on our mailing list. ALL ACTIVE DUTY AND EX-GIs WELCOME !


Lonely, black, multi-faceted, poly-rhythmical, creative, energy-driven drummer/pianist/singer/ composer in Sly and the Family Stone type bag looking for others (male and female) of similar inclinations to form new, experimental, liberated music grp incorporating classical, soul and heavy-rock tendencies. Write: Vince, Box 9514, N. End Station Detroit 48202.

Middle aged bachelor will share his small two bedroom home with young girl swinger. Phone: 884–8866 after five.

Girls wanted for nude photos. Wayne U. Area. 873–7882 after five.

Wanted female model for sculpture and photography. Help artist visually explore women today. Bronze sculpture, photographs, free meals, friendship as payment. Call Rob at 921–7552, 10 am to 6 pm.

2 guys wish to meet 2 girls for weekend trips up north, etc. Send letter with pic, address, etc. to Jim Schiels, 18726 Midway, Southfield.

Duel-Showman Speaker Cabinet 2–15” J.B.L.‘s. Mosrite Bass Guitar, cheap. 483–7696.

Identification cards: Send 25 cents & self-addressed envelope for samples & details to: E.C.S.F.E., P.O. Box 12101, Las Vegas, Ne. 89112.

Have friends in Frisco. If you’re going stop and see them for us. 568–2303. CBM, Detroit.

Girls—Write to this head in ‘Nam Sp/4 Matthew A Crisafulli, 2nd Bn., 11th Arty. APO S.F. 96383 Will answer all, non-prejudiced.

Newsreel films for schools, meetings, etc. films relating to the movement. Call FE office, Peter or Alan.

Adults only. Beautiful girls posed to order. You describe position. Color samples & catalog. $1 R.Z. Enterprises, P.O. Box 6721, Detroit, Mich. 48240.

Female models needed. Work at home through the mail. $15 to $50 hourly. Send name, age & photo. R.Z. Enterprises, P.O. Box 6721, Detroit, Mich. 48240.

Couple in early twenties wish to meet other swingers for fun and games. Photo and phone number Tobis, 15748 Meyers (48227).

Entrepreneur requires two coeds to take care of his Detroit house. Free room & board. 10 min. from WSU call Dr. Frankowski, 865–3252. Keep calling, I’m not there often.

French Ticklers! 95 cents each, 3$2.50, 7-$5. (sold as novelty only) F. Kaleda, Box 134-fg, Kent, Ohio 44240.

Male wishes to entertain other males. Contact Occupant, P.O. Box 225, Centerline, Mich.

Posters, stationery, pamphlets, bumperstickers—anything at low movement rates. Community Print Shop, 4863 John C. Lodge, Detroit. Mich.,48201.

Liz loves and misses Glemisi.

To Mike, Joe, Dave—You guys really make it—from Rob at the Top.

Straight & gay underground news 4 different underground papers a month for 6 months—$10, 3 months—$6. Sample pack—$3. “1776” Supply Co., 217 W. 18 St., No. 620, NYC 10011.

Anti-draft? Giant Uncle Sam anti-draft dart target board plus darts!, 4 sq feet, color, intro-offer, $2 each. Top-Sin, Box 6532 Long Beach, Ca. 90815.

Nutmeg, snuffs and other little known highs. How to use and prepare them with details on their mind-bending effect. Rush $3 for your high to See Side, Box 1469, Beverly Hills, Calif. 90213.

Discover your body—Dance. Classes in ballet and modern for children and adults. Reasonable rates, some scholarships, Detroit Music Settlement School. 8737010.

Wanted—salesman for movement printer. Highly rewarding experience. Call Joel at 831–5675.

Girls, housewives, couples, divorcees—make swinging your thing. No emotional involvement For info call Stuart 10 am to 3 pm or after midnight at KE4- 0346. Very discreet.

Meet new couples, guys, girls, matched your likes & desires. Confid. questionnaire, $1 to Intro-Mate, Box 635, Warren, Mich.

Teenage Death Lust needs salesmen for 1st issue. Double your money. Write to 69 Seward, No. B2, for more info. Fatmouth Freak contact us about your art at same address.

Former Detroiter in New York needs correspondent to inform of Detroit happenings—Skag, at Riggs Hall, Rm 141, Post College Greenvale.

I love Angela—Craig.

“Liberal” college student, 23, desires to meet 16 to 19 yr. old male to develop discreet sincere relationship. Resume and photo please. No phonies wanted! Only an honest male who wants love, stable companionship. P.O. Box 514, Franklin, Mich.

Underground 8mm color movies, 200 feet, $15. Profits go to Sinclair Fund. “Candy Blows Her Cool.” Snyder’s Flicks, 122 Grant, Niles. Mich.

Sixty R&B singles for $5. Call-925-8112 after seven pm.

Aww, c’mon fellas! Girl a girl a break! I slugged too. For years. Art, keyline, layout, production, copy. Lots of midnight oil. You name it. And I’m good too, Why the double standard? I know you’re men. (Thank goodness) I just want the right to work next to you. OK? Give a call. I’m going broke. TU6-3019.

Male wants male visitors now. Box 613, Flint, Mich. 48501.

Swinging couple wants to meet other couples. Must send telephone number and picture. Write to Grant, 825 E. Eleven Mile Rd., Royal Oak.

Ford van—magic bus, stereo tape, Bruce, MA.6–6692.

Female sex mate wanted for young salesman. Any age, P.O. Box 2621, Detroit, Mich. 48231.

Bachelor with bread to burn and itching for action seeks male companionship. Travel, fun and games, you name it. Interested? Write P.O. Box 1041, Detroit, Mich. 48231.

Detroit chapter now forming. Write the Sexual Freedom League. Box 8205 Harper Station, Det. 48213 or call 534 0346 from 10 am to 3 pm.

Mature discreet man (38) seeks dates with women 35–50 who know how to enjoy life. Utmost discretion. Photo phone please. Al, PO Box 551A, Detroit 48232

Researching article on girl gangs Need personal testimonials. Also want old members. 769–0735.

Movement worker wants part-time job with concordant boss, flexible hours if possible. Start in about 2 weeks. Contact Bill Steele, c/o Detroit Resistance, 31 King Street, Det. 48202.

Wanted slender female, sense of humor, interested in marriage. Write PO Box 204, Windsor, Ont.

Wanted: drummer needs cymbals cheap. Call Wayne 532–3312.

Male models needed for nude photography. Must be butch, muscular, and generally handsome. Call 1-769-2623 in Ann Ar.

Gay male books, magazines, movies, FREE catalogues. Trojan, Box 2121-H, Phila., Pa.

Radical Education Project (REP) offers excellent selection of movement literature. For order form write REP, Box 561-A, Detroit, Mich. 48232.

Mature married’s, 30–45, meet other couples. Swinging fun relationship photo and phone no. must. Box 903, Pontiac, Mich.

Very happy, healthy, handsome couple, quiet and discreet, want to hear from similar bi-couples, singles. Box 114, St. Clair Shores, 48083.

Detroit sculptor seeks male models to age 25, part time Saturdays. $2 studio hour. Apply enclosing photo, hgt,. wgt., P.O. Box 72 Royal Oak, Mich. 48068

Lovely ladies looking for lays or anything erotic call Charlie at 867–9218, 10 am to 10 pm.

Roseann—you’re a beautiful person. Love, Dave.

Wanted slender female, sense of humor, interested in marriage, Write P.O. Box 204, Windsor, Ontario.