WASHINGTON (LNS) Look out, Spiro, there’s an effete snob in your very midst!

Spiro T. Agnew had a very unpleasant surprise come Moratorium day. Agnew’s 14-year-old daughter, Kim (after Kim il Sung, famed leader of the Korean People’s Revolution) decided she wanted to do her part in the struggle.

Attending the National Cathedral School for Girls, young Kim wanted to put on a black armband and march in the anti-war procession held in Washington on Moratorium eve. Papa said no.

Kim, not to her credit it must be said, gave in. “She was very unhappy, Spiro’s office announced, “but she got over it.” The two are now on good terms.”

Poor Spiro. Long a laughingstock to the left, he now nourishes a viper that will not endear him to the right. The incorrigible Kim was involved in an embarrassing, hastily suppressed pot scandal last year. This year she is a bona fide Agent of Hanoi.