The Fifth Estate

1107 W. Warren

Detroit, Mich. 48201


UNCLASSIFIED costs 50 cents per line per week. Figure 5 words per line. (A word Is a word, including 1 and 2 letter words. A phone number Is a word. Street numbers are words. Abbreviations should be sensible.) (no limit on number of lines.)

FOR SALE—saxophone, $200—reg. price $425. Martin Committee Model Tenor. VE8-5384.

CASSITES: you seniors really should go to the love prom at the Grande on June 20. Its cheaper and lovelier. The Weekend Freedom Machine loves you.

Painting, indoor or out. College students. Call between three and six p.m. 822–4938 Reasonable, by contract.

WANTED! A silly, stoopit puppet show for a new theatre idea this summer. Could the girls that put on the production at T.L.E. June 3 please call 831–6869.

Thanks to many friends the new FIFTH ESTATE office has some of the needed equipment. Still needed are file cabinets, office machines, typewriters, etc. If you can help, bring your unused things to 1107 W. Warren at John Lodge or call us at 832–1111.

“Sexual Paradise of LSD”

EXPLOSIVE NEW book with amazing case histories in complete detail. 185 pages Only $1.25 ppd Send order to KABOO—Book Corner BOX 705, DEPT. 101, SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA 94101.


over 125 original West Coast titles. 25 cents each, 5/$1, 50/$5, 125/$10, 1,000/$75. A Big-Little Store, 1671 Wash. St. San Francisco.

We are the best publishers in the world. And the farthest out And the most serious. And the most modern, most fun, most spooky. But few in the Detroit area know us. So clip this ad, and send It to us with the name and address of whom we should write to at the hippest store near you. If they order, we will send you a 10% salesman’s commission on the first order. Something Else Press, Inc., 160 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10010.

The High School Peace Mobilization Committee meets Sat., 2:30 p.m. at 1101 W. Warren at John Lodge. All students welcome.

Starting a national anti-war organization with newspaper to assist and unite GIs in radical organizing. We need names, addresses to mail to, letters stories articles from servicemen, much money. Subs $3/6 mo, free to servicemen. The Bond, 2056 Emerson, Berkeley, Cal.

Esoteric guitar lessons in the realms of folk, rock, blues, raga, banjo. Spikedriver, Artist Music Center, 562–0130 or 372–1500.

One frustrated folksinger desires to find Appalachian Mountain dulcimer player. Call VA3-4616.

Strobe light for rent. Call 834–4904.

Happy Birthday ROS

CERRITO—signed Blues and 13.

Brian Carr is alive and well in Boston?—please confirm.

STROBELIGHT MANUAL Trip out with the only legal and effective hallucinogenic. Complete plans, templates, etc. for building 1. high intensity remote controlled professional model and 2. easily built strobelight which anyone can make for $10.00 and four hours. 31 pages. Send $3.00 to Bill Sturgeon, 308 Westwood Plaza, P.O. # 527, Los Angeles, California, 90024.

1963 Porsche—good condition. $2,000.00.

Dodge Power Wagon 1951—18,000 miles—$500.00.

B.M.W. 1965—Runs and looks good—$1000.00. Ship & Linda Inc. DR1-1339

Permanent Brain damage—100 cents. The Mad Peck, Dept. C., Box 2307, Providence, R.I. 2307.

Gustav Mahler Sweatshirt, $6.00. Picture 24 x 20 $6.00. Mahler Grooves bumpersticker 50 cents, buttons 25 cents. Mahler Society 8844 Wonderland Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 90046.

BUTTONS—POSTERS Psychedelic mdse. all types, Wholesale only—Plant Mfg. Co., 420 So. Los Angeles, nt., Los Angeles. Calif.

Freelance decorative design; ads, posters, illustrations. C. Keelan 871–1882.

Straight male, 22, desires female—for love, peace, and erotic exchange. Discreet and confidential relationship. Send photo or self—description and phone. Joe Roark, Sta. D—Box 2053, Pasadena, California 91105.