Fifth Estate Collective
Cass Tech ‘Psychedelic Prom’ at Grande

The Grande Ballroom, Grande River and Joy will be host to Detroit’s first psychedelic prom at 8:00 p. m. on Tuesday, June 20.

The dance will be Cass Tech’s underground Prom and is being produced by Bob Serling, Cass senior and editor of the school’s underground newspaper, YELLOW.

The SPIKEDRIVERS will lead the entertainment and graduating seniors from all of Detroit’s schools are invited.


Fifth Estate Collective
Fifth Estate Moves to Warren Forest

The coming of summer has meant a great increase in activity in the Warren Forest area near Wayne State University.

Trans-Love Energies Unlimited, the Detroit hippie cooperative with offices located in the center of The Forest, at John Lodge and Warren, has reorganized its facilities in order to better serve the community and the Fifth Estate has moved its offices to 1107 W. Warren in Warren Forest. A cooperative store and trading post recently opened in the Artists’ Workshop under the direction of Dennis and Janet Smith and Pun the sandal-maker, and, in the biggest move, Trans-Love agents will open a huge concert-house, THE SEE, on the outskirts of The Forest, at 3929 Woodward just south of Alexandrine.


Ben Habeebe
Richard Lone Eagle

The Louie Love-in Two Views

1. by Ben Habeebe

You should have seen Louie’s face. He was beaming like the hero they were trying to make him out to be.

Boy, were they laying it on him. The Detroit News (which pitches: “If You Read The News, You Know” ) had named him Policeman of the Month crediting him with having broken up “a dope ring.’


John Sinclair
The Coatpuller

The Jefferson Airplane concert will be in Ford Auditorium Friday, June 30, at 8:30 p.m. Tickets run from $3.00 to $4.50 and can be got at Grinnells, Discount Records, the Ford Auditorium box office, and other places, including probably the Grande Ballroom. Featured with the Airplane will be the MC-5, the Rationals, the Apostles, and Ourselves though I’m not sure why all of those bands are Necessary.


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Fifth Estate Collective
Guerrilla: Sector North

The Guerrilla Roofreadings started May 28 at Guerrilla: Sector North, on Allen Van Newkirk’s roof, above the Artist’s Workshop with Andrei Codrescu reading from his forthcoming book: Insane People With Beautiful Sidewalks.

Andrei Codrescue was born in Romania and has lived throughout Europe. His book (in English) is a reflection of this multi-language trip. His convulsive fights with language make the structure of this poetry.


Tom Yates
Detroit Hate-In

The Hate-In was staged by the Nightriders Motorcycle Club June 3 & 4 in Detroit’s Rouge Park, to protest a proposed city ordinance which would ban motorcycles from the city parks without a special permit.

A secondary purpose of the Hate-In was to demonstrate to straight people and the police that the different clubs could get together and not cause trouble. In this aspect they were quite successful as there was only one scuffle, and you can get more than that at an average family get together or wedding.


Fifth Estate Collective
Third Reich Rides Again

A recently formed organization set up to oppose West German militarism has complained of that country’s territorial demands on its European neighbors.

The group, the Ad Hoc Citizens Council Against West German Militarism, stated in a letter to this newspaper that the Bonn regime officially claims not only all of East Germany, but large parts of Poland, Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union, territories that were taken from Germany by the Potsdam Agreement at the close of World War II.


Wilson Lindsey

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tick—Greatest Hits (Fontana)...this freaky looking and even more strange sounding group has made its first album a landmark. The sounds on this LP were all written by some character called H. Blaikley with the exception of HERE’S A HEART written by Tubbs Segal. Instrumental and vocally it’s a good effort, and the LP is well produced.


Richard Goldstein
Waiting for Godo

(UNDERGROUND PRESS SYNDICATE) The three-year-old kid, as the story goes, answered the door, took a cool look at the policeman standing there, raised his full blue eyes and declared: ‘Fuck off, cop.”

“Where’s your folks, son?”

The kid brushed his white cotton-hair out of his eyes. It fell in swirling puffs down his shoulders. “Fuck off,” he repeated, without blinking.


Carl Robb

a review of

Abortion by Lawrence Lader. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill. 211 pp. 1966. $5.95.

Illegal abortion is the leading health problem in the United States.

There is one abortion for every 3.6 births and half of all childbearing deaths are attributed to illegal abortions. A hospital abortion is one of the simplest and safest of all operations, less dangerous than a tonsillectomy.


Frank Kofsky
Rock and Jazz From Ray Charles to Dylan

Talk to almost any parent with “teen aged” children and you can hear the same litany endlessly chanted: rock is tasteless (American society being so notable for its good taste!), rock is loud, the only thing that counts is the beat, why can’t they listen to good music (meaning Montovani), and more, always more, of that.


Fifth Estate Collective
Chicago Cops Beat Heads at Malcolm Park Memorial

Chicago (UNS)—A meeting called to rename a southside Chicago park in honor of slain leader Malcolm X Shabazz was turned into a scene of police violence, complete with billy clubs and riot guns, Sunday, May 21.

The occasion started out on a joyous note, with speeches, Afro-American music and dance, but friction developed when two young women attempted to join the crowd of between 250 and 300 black people. When the women were asked to leave and refused to do so, they were set upon by two young women from the group, who pushed and shoved them away.


Sol Plafkin
Off Center

Rep. John Conyers, Jr. cast, as he promised, the only dissenting vote in a House judiciary subcommittee against that idiotic, probably unconstitutional, law which would make it a Federal crime to burn, deface, etc. the American flag. (The “offense” is now only covered by individual state laws.)

He predicts that only about 23 congressmen will have the guts to vote against the bill when it hits the floor of the House.


Richard Dey
Pop Goes the American Culture

“Like nineteenth century capitalism, Mass Culture is a dynamic, revolutionary force, breaking down the old barriers of class, tradition, taste, and dissolving all cultural distinctions.”

—Dwight Macdonald


The tribal psychedelic rock culture is today the ripest fruit on the tree of the popular arts, and its roots grope deeply into the much-plowed soil of mass culture. In the Beginning (almost), there was folk art, oral, inconographic, mythic. Industrialism and its inevitably mechanistic culture trampled down the past, creating an urban atmosphere in which the folk arts could not survive.


Fifth Estate Collective
‘Largest Peace Demo’ to Greet Johnson in LA

Both TIME and NEWSWEEK have picked up the word that the “largest demonstration in the history of Los Angeles” will greet Lyndon Johnson when he arrives to kick off the 1968 Presidential campaign with a gala $1000 a plate dinner in the Century Plaza Hotel on June 23rd.

The Peace Action Council is coordinating the efforts of over 60 peace groups, all of which plan to participate in a massive protest march, which, since permits have so far been witheld, may be in violation of the law.


Joe Fineman
At the Studio

a review of

Night Games

Mai Zetterling strings out her Freudian implications to paper thinness, but then “Night Games,” in plot anyway, is not unlike tissue paper.

It suffices to say that Miss Zetterling’s pen clears a magnificent swath through the intricate Oedipal fantasies of adolesence. Unfortunately this directress is so plagued by Composition and form, her narrative reins up and the two never reach a comparable peak.


Fifth Estate Collective
Reader Takes LSD, Then His Physical

I had this idea the other day that it would be cool and utilitarian at the same time to ‘drop’ 250 micrograms of acid just before going to take my army physical. I would just take enough to get a mellow and unreachable high so I would be convincing when I copped out as a dope addict-nut, etc.

The physical was due to start at 7:00 o’clock a.m. I stumbled in at 7:45 just after popping the acid. At 8:30 the tests were just beginning and I was pissed because I figures the stuff was not going to work.


Various Authors
Letters to the Editors

Editor’s Note: The following letter was sent to us by a subscriber presently incarcerated in Southern Michigan Prison at Jackson.

Mr. Brown is known to the FIFTH ESTATE staff as one who contributed generously to the paper while he was on the “outside.” He has expressed an interest in receiving letters from other readers. Those interested In doing so may write him at the address below.


Frank H. Joyce
Vietnam Summer

There is, even though you may not have noticed it lately, still a war going on in Vietnam.

More than forty people, representing virtually every white peace group in the city, met on Monday, June 5 to try to do something about it.

Despite the wide divergence of political viewpoints represented the group tenuously agreed to combine their efforts over the summer. Committees were established to probe programs in four areas including community organization; anti-draft action; marches, demonstrations, and mobilizations and political action. A fifth committee will make proposals for structure, coordination, the name of the group, the setting up of a central office and the like.


Fifth Estate Collective
SNCC Offices Raided in S.F.

SAN FRANCISCO — The Bay Area Regional Office of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee was raided in the early hours last month by unknown parties. The office at 449 14th Street houses the SNCC office and the national office of THE MOVEMENT, the West Coast monthly newspaper affiliated with SNCC.


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