SEATTLE (LNS)—Ernest Gruening, Former U.S. Senator from Alaska, has called on America’s youth to resist the draft and go to jail, according to a UPI report.

“I want to see thousands of young nen refuse to go—until they have so many of them they’ve filled all the jails,” Gruening told an anti-war rally here.

Gruening and Oregon’s Wayne Morse, both recently defeated in their bids for re-election to the Senate, attacked the proposed Sentinel anti-ballistic missile system.

“It’s a scientific fraud,” said Morse. “Furthermore, it demonstrates again that we are following a course of war action. You don’t prepare for war without fighting one.”

“It’s a part of the military establishment’s takeover of the economy,” he said.

“There will be no unity in America until we stop killing American boys in an unconstitutional, immoral war.”

Morse drew a standing ovation when discussing U.S. involvement in Vietnam, he yelled that we must “Get out and stay out!”


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