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According to the U.S. Army the 27 GIs pictured here staging a sit-in at the Presidio Stockade in San Francisco, Oct. 14, 1968 are guilty of mutiny; a military crime punishable by a prison term of up to life.

This peaceful demonstration was to protest conditions in the stockade and the murder of a fellow prisoner by a guard. The prisoners tried so far have been convicted and received sentences up to 14 years. For the story behind this Army atrocity see the full story on page five.


Fifth Estate Collective

FIFTH ESTATE #74, March 5–19, 1969, Vol. 3 No. 22, page 2


Fifth Estate

A Newspaper of Detroit


Alan Gotkin

Harvey Ovshinsky

Tommye Wiese

Peter Werbe

Cathy West


Mike Tyre


Bruce Montrose


John Sinclair


Claudia Efimchik

Ann Mikolowski


John Daniels
Eastern Michigan Student Action

YPSILANTI, Feb. 20 — On this cold Thursday morning over 100 black students seized the administration building of Eastern Michigan University and chained themselves inside.

Students massing on Eastern Michigan campus to support demands of black students.

After a one hour occupation approximately 100 riot-equipped Washtenaw County sheriff’s deputies sawed their way into the occupied building and busted the “leaders” of the demonstration. A list of people to be arrested had been drawn up by the university president the night before.


Fifth Estate Collective
Editors’ Notes

The Man’s heavy hand of repression is attempting again to strike at this paper. We have been getting reports from both sellers, distributors, and buyers about police and school harrassment.

At Southfield High, which is run by anti-Fifth Estate fanatics, Principal Robert Hall and youth pig, Richard Overmeyer, persons have been suspended for selling the paper and students have had individual copies confiscated merely for having them in their possession.


Fifth Estate Collective
GIs Demand Rights

FT. JACKSON, S.C.—Anti-war GIs here are circulating a petition addressed to their commanding officer calling on him to have a meeting on the post to discuss the war in Vietnam.

[See Ft. Jackson Leaflet in this issue.]

They also want to discuss whether their rights as citizens and soldiers are being violated by post authorities. The answer seems obvious. Since the soldiers calling themselves GIs United Against the War in Vietnam began their petition drive there has been a steady stream of harassment and attempted intimidation of their group by Army officials.


GIs United Against the War in Vietnam
Ft. Jackson Leaflet

Related: see “GIs Demand Rights” in this issue.

Fellow GIs:

For the past half decade our country has been involved in a long, drawn out, costly and tragic war in Vietnam. Most Americans do not support this war—increasing numbers are demonstrating their opposition, including active duty GIs. It is the most unpopular war in our history. Yet the government’s policy threatens to continue this tragedy for many years to come.


Fifth Estate Collective
GI March Set

On April 5th in Chicago, GIs and civilians will be marching together against the war in Vietnam. The demonstration will be protesting the suppression of GI rights in the army and demanding that the troops be brought home now.

Six other major demonstrations will be held that week in cities near army bases across the country.


Liberation News Service
Senators Say No

SEATTLE (LNS)—Ernest Gruening, Former U.S. Senator from Alaska, has called on America’s youth to resist the draft and go to jail, according to a UPI report.

“I want to see thousands of young nen refuse to go—until they have so many of them they’ve filled all the jails,” Gruening told an anti-war rally here.


Harvey Ovshinsky
Open City Opens

Several hundred people attended Open City’s first benefit held February 28 at Alvin’s Delicatessen.

The three hundred dollars collected at the door was used to purchase the community switchboard now in operation at the Open City office.

For the last few weeks Open City members have met in committees, rapped on telephones and have generally been putting their projects together. The most obvious result of all this has been the opening of the Open City office now located at 4726 Third, near Forest, 2nd Floor, office number 5.


Giuseppi Slater
Presidio Mutiny Trial

SAN FRANCISCO (LNS)—Military justice, it says in the manuals. But to observers of the trial, the two words form a mutual contradiction, one that emerged more starkly than ever when Pvts. Lawrence Reidel and Louis Osczepinski were sentenced on Feb. 15, to 14 and 16 years of imprisonment for their part in the non-violent Presidio protest last October. (See Fifth Estate, last issue.)


Carol Schmidt
Racism at Macomb

Trustees of Macomb County Community College are considering a policy change which would effectively eliminate most of its black enrollment by phasing out non-residents of Macomb County.

Students for a Democratic Society are protesting the proposed change, and have issued a demand “that all students be granted equal opportunity to register and that no limit be placed on the amount of non-residents enrolled at Macomb,” threatening possible student action if the demand is not met.


Fifth Estate Collective

Kids Win

WASHINGTON, D.C. (LNS)—The Supreme Court has upheld (7 to 2) the right of three Des Moines high school students to wear black armbands to school in protest of the Vietnam War.

The majority opinion stated that students and teachers don’t shed “their Constitutional right to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate.”


Margie Stamberg
Terrorists Invade Bridal Fair

NEW YORK (Liberation News Service/Guardian) “Love starts at Chase Manhattan,” said the psychedelic lettering on the plastic shopping bags given to the girls attending New York’s first Bridal Fair at Madison Square Garden on Valentine’s Day weekend.

In a back stairwell, house dicks, rent-a-cops, some of the city red squad and independent heavies had isolated 10 radical women who were disrupting the day’s slave trade and were busy throwing them down the steps, slamming them up against concrete walls, twisting their arms, and screaming, “You’re sick, you’re sick, you’re sick.”


Dena Clamage
Women’s Liberation The Only Path is Revolution

Joyce recently had a baby. She had tried to obtain birth control pills, but couldn’t because of rules which said she had to be married to get a prescription from Planned Parenthood. After discovering that she was pregnant, she attempted to get an abortion, but strict Michigan abortion laws prevented this. Ultimately she married the father of the baby and had a little girl.


John Wilcock
Other Scenes

Current rash of skyjacking is nothing new, merely a new outbreak of the age-‘old custom of piracy in the newest uncontrolled medium: the air. Diverting planes to Cuba is kid stuff. Wait until international pirates see the potential for just taking planes (as long as they can land on territory they control). Then, sooner or later somebody will think of sitting up there in a long-range bomber with a nuclear missile aboard.


Fifth Estate Collective
Political Repression

1969 will undoubtedly be a year which brings increased attacks upon the Movement: the HUAC hearings, the Chicago Grand Jury, and Oakland 7 trial, and repressive actions against GI coffeehouses, are only some of the better publicized incidents of repression and attack on the movement.

The Michigan State Legislature has set up its own little committee (as have several other states) to investigate “breaches of the peace and disorders on university campuses.” Indications are that this committee’s intentions are a broad and general attack upon Movement activity in the state; it is likely that the committee will follow the familiar pattern of using closed hearings, manipulation of the press, subpoenaing of Movement people, threats of legal action, etc., to intimidate and harass Movement activities in the state.


Fifth Estate Collective
Witch-hunters Stall

Most students will have left for Summer vacation when a special state Senate investigating committee begins its witch-hunt of campus radicals and their morals.

“It probably will be the end of July before we are able to conduct public hearings intelligently,” said Chairman Robert J. Huber, an apparition from the 1950s.


Diane DiPrima
Revolutionary Letters No. 18

let’s talk about splitting, splitting is an art

frequently called upon in revolution

retreat, says the I Ching, must not be confused

with flight, and furthermore, frequently, it furthers



i.e., know in advance

the person/place you can go to,

means to get there

keep money (cash) in house for travelling


Various Authors

Dear friends,

Just wanted to let you know how much I, and many of my friends who read the paper, dig the poems you’ve been printing lately, especially Diane DiPrima’s.

I always say that a good anarchistic poem is worth a thousand MC-5 jams since very few of the 5’s songs have any revolutionary message to them while the poems have a lot. I can now see William Leach’s point that music isn’t revolution.


Art Johnston
Roger Calkins Please come home

Editors’ Note: Art Johnston is the former editor of the South End newspaper and disappeared into the West after his term of office ended last June.

SAN FRANCISCO—Journalism as novel. History as novelty. History as fiction. Our lives as fiction. Everybody else’s life as a movie. The Last Great Days of The State of California as tomorrow’s news today. The Decline and Fall of Western Civilization as a two-part Book of the Month Club Introductory Offer. An anecdote:


Lee Davidson
Berkeley at WAR

BERKELEY (LNS)—The University of California campus here became a battlefield Thursday, Feb. 20, as students fought back against repeated tear gas attacks by club-swinging pigs.

Some 3,000 strikers abandoned the usual tactics of picketing and running, to remobilize when the cops attacked. When the students counterattacked hurling rocks, bricks, bottles and cherry bombs—the police often retreated in terror.


Fifth Estate Collective
Fuck War

About two months ago Schoolcraft College student, Larry Halbert, produced a 1-1/2 by 2 foot combination poster-petition similar to the one above copied from Avant-Garde magazine.

[Web archive note: above this text in the print edition are “Fuck War” and 16 blank lines for signatures.]

Several students and five faculty members signed the petition at the Livonia college and wound up with a full-blown controversy on their hands.


Alex von Hoffman
Mother Earth, Fleetwood Mac, Savoy Brown

There are three basic ways to play the blues and the show at the Grande Ballroom the other night was a good lesson in all three. Mother Earth, Fleetwood Mac, and the Savoy Brown Blues Band have each copped a distinct and different aspect of the blues, or life, for that matter, because that’s what blues is all about.


Mike Kerman
Neil Young

If you liked Buffalo Springfield, you will probably like the first ‘solo album of one of its departed members, Neil Young (on Reprise).

A Buffalo Springfield revival is taking place as people realize that of all the American groups that came out of the “Beatle revolution,” the Springfield rank with the very best. Not enough people seemed to realize that when the group was struggling to make it.


Mike Kerman
Lenny Bruce Lives!

I don’t know if people still buy comedy monologue records. We all know that after a couple of listenings we don’t play them until we have company and there is nothing else to do. But a Reprise-Bizarre (Frank Sinatra and Zappa together!) double album Lenny Bruce The Berkeley Concert is a service for the many of us who never heard him live.


John Sinclair
Rock & Roll Dope

Editors’ Note: Rock and Roll Dope takes the form of a facsimile of the MC5’s Elektra album liner notes for two reasons. First, because Brother Sinclair was stranded in Buffalo after attending a national Lemar (Legalize Marijuana) conference in that city and was unable to get a column to us.

Second, and more important, that this revolutionary rap by John has caused a significant furor in the retail record business. Fully 70% of Detroit area record shops refuse to stock the album because of its use of “fuck” in the liner notes and on one song. One Northland record shop went through each album and crossed out the offending words. Both J.L. Hudson’s and E.J. Korvette stores refuse to handle it as well as many smaller shops.


Canned Heat-ed

The Canned Heat came to Detroit to do a gig at the Masonic Temple and got busted by the real heat.

Canned Heat’s drummer Adolph De Laparra was charged with being a disorderly person and the group’s equipment manager Ron Stender was charged with possession of grass. They and 25 other persons were arrested Feb. 20 in a Southfield home. The charges range from disorderly persons to sale of LSD and possession of marijuana.


Russ Gibb
Grande Gaff

There’s so much to say, man, that I don’t know where to start...maybe with the Five...the MC5 are a really classic example of environment and music coming together. There’s a Simple declaratory sentence for you...

The music affects the environment and...the environment affects the music. Dig? The machine, man. Detroit is a machine, The Machine even, and in the music of the Five...the frenzy, the anger...is the music of the Machine. Did you ever work in a factory? Jesus, I hope not. There’s music in the factory, but it’s the music of...metal crunching metal...a melody of violence...the Five are Man against Machine, baby, that’s all.


David and Roselyn Benefit

The Monteith Student Board will present a concert featuring David & Roselyn Wednesday and Thursday evenings, March 12 and 13 in WSU’s Upper DeRoy Auditorium at 8 p.m.

David and Roselyn bring an unusual blend of voices to the folk and blues medium. They are a self-contained unit using guitars and Kalimba, an African Thumb piano.


Fight Back

A preliminary statewide planning meeting of a group formed to combat the special state Senate Investigating Committee looking into campus problems will be held March 15.

The Michigan Coalition for Political Freedom will meet at St. Joseph’s Church that Saturday at 10:30 am. The coalition represents student, faculty and citizen groups from across the state.


Who Said This?

“The streets of our country are in turmoil. The universities are full of students rebelling and rioting. Communists are seeking to destroy our country. Russia is threatening us with her might and the republic is in danger.

“Yes, danger from within and from without. We need law and order. Without law and order our nation cannot survive.


Dennis Fitzgerald
Postal Pot

NEW YORK (LNS)—Thirty thousand joints in the mail? Could be...It’s like you never know what you’re going to find in the mailbox—but free dope?

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” the letter said, “you are one of 30,000 lucky persons being sent free this freshly-rolled marijuana cigarette. We are doing this in order to clear the garbage from the air.”


Judie Davis
Eat It!


I seem to be coming to a better understanding of what kind of cook I am. What this clarity can be attributed to is uncertain, but I’m digging it. Guess these past few columns are towards a philosophy of cooking.

I’m more of an eclectic, I suppose, borrowing what I can from whoever I can. I am not a gourmet: I rarely measure ingredients, unless it’s a complicated recipe which I’m trying for the first time. I am also not one for expensive cuts of meat or fancy, out-of-season vegetables.


Eugene Schoenfeld M.D.

Dr. Eugene Schoenfeld speaking at Community Arts Auditorium, May 28, 1969 at a benefit for Open City. Photo: Alan Gotkin.

QUESTION: Would you please explain what tachycardia is? I am undergoing treatment by an analyst for anxiety which is causing tachycardia in my heart. However, neither he nor my M.D. will explain tachycardia to me.


Barbara Weliner
Ivana Gottfried

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CHRISTOPH ESCHENBACH, world famous pianist performs at the Detroit Institute of Arts Aud., 8:30 p.m. Tickets $2.50 and $5.


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