Don Lobsinger, leader of the right-wing Breakthrough group, was sentenced April 3 to 15 days in jail for disrupting a church forum on black power last December 3.

He was accused of trying to break up a meeting at St. Lucy’s Catholic Church in St. Clair Shores where Frank Ditto of the East Side Voice of Independent Detroit was telling the all white audience about black power.

Lobsinger and several of his cronies were removed by St. Clair Shores police after they said he acted in a violent, boisterous manner and used obscene and profane language, but denied he was boisterous about it.

In fact poor Lobsinger was a victim of the hand of fate. He was quoting from a poem that was published by the Wayne Association of Black Students in an attempt to discredit Ditto when he read the word motherfucker and there he goes off to the clink.

Law ‘n Don is currently out on probation from two other judges for other disruptive activities.

Lobsinger was released on $100 bond after filing for an appeal which will be heard in Macomb County Circuit Court.