Chris Singer
The New Bethel Incident

Members of the Black United Front mass on the steps of the Old County Building on April 3 in one of the many demonstrations of support for Judge George W. Crockett. During the day over 3,000 persons took part in pro-Crockett picket lines at Recorder’s Court, Police Headquarters, and the City-County Building. White organizations such as the Ad Hoc Group and People Against Racism gave inter-racial support to the embattled judge. Photo by Gerald Simmons.


Fifth Estate Collective
Resist Poets Read

As part of a series of ten poetry readings across the country, there will be a poetry reading at St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church on April 29th at 8 p.m.

The series is being coordinated by RESIST, a national organization of adults who support draft resistance and other anti-war activities. It is being sponsored locally by Detroit Resistance. The poets reading in Detroit will be Robert Bly, Donald Hall, Clayton Eshlemon, Ted Berrigan, David Henderson, and Ed Sanders of the Fugs.


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Warren-Forest Bulldozed?

The bulldozers are coming again to the Warren Forest area.

To complete Wayne University’s plans to obliterate the hip and poor community surrounding the school the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has approved almost $8,000,000 to wreck the area bounded by Warren, Trumbull, Forest and the John Lodge Freeway.


Fifth Estate Collective
Editors’ Notes

The Revolutionary Newspaper Conference held at Wayne State’s Lower DeRoy on April 12 was fairly successful. Over 70 persons registered and over 125 were in attendance throughout the day.

The morning session consisted of a panel on the function of the media in a revolutionary movement. On the panel were Nick Medvecky and James Tripp of the South End, Peter Werbe from this paper, Marty Glaberman from Speak Out, and Mike Honey from the Oakland Observer.


People Against Racism
Case Study of a Racist Institution Coverage of the New Bethel Incident by the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press, March 30 to April 3, 1969

“Along with the country as a whole, the press has too long basked in a white world, looking out of it, if at all, with white men’s eyes and a white perspective.”

Kerner Report, p. 389

The headline of the Free Press editorial of April 1 reads, “Keep Isolated Incidents Within Narrow Limits.” This is a typical example of the racist distortion of reality practiced by Detroit’s major newspapers. There is nothing isolated about assaults on the black community by the white police. There is nothing isolated about attacks on Judge George Crockett for dispensing true justice to black people.


John Wilcock
Other Scenes

NEW YORK—The tremendous pace at which the so-called sexual revolution is moving leaves us all a little dizzy. It’s only a matter of weeks since Jim Buckley and Al Goldstein broke away from the New York Free Press to found a new unabashedly sexual tabloid called Screw. Now Screw, after seven issues is selling 50,000 copies (at 35 cents each) and is about to go weekly.


Fifth Estate Collective
Judge Crockett Statement

Editors’ Note: The following is a public statement on the New Bethel incident released by George W. Crockett, Judge, Recorder’s Court, Detroit.

The distortions of fact and the confusion over this Court’s actions in the recent events at New Bethel Church compel me to make certain facts clear. I am personally deeply affronted by reports and stories which have clearly and deliberately twisted the truth and the law in this matter.


Judie Davis
Eat It!


Why I like Chinese food:

I guess I really became crazy about Chinese food when I was living in New York and working as a waitress. I always ate Chinese on my day off because I was tired of roast beef and other all-American delights.

Chinese food is different from anything else; it’s hard to make at home, and it is usually quite cheap and very filling. I have never known anyone to leave a Chinese restaurant hungry.


Eugene Schoenfeld M.D.

Dr. Eugene Schoenfeld speaking at Community Arts Auditorium, May 28, 1969 at a benefit for Open City. Photo: Alan Gotkin.

QUESTION: Where can I get myself CASTRATED? I’m tired of sex, I hate sex, I don’t want to be controlled by women any longer! I hate the two-facedness, double-think, hypocrisy. I can’t stand living in the Sexual Contradiction any longer: sex is condemned, sex is admired; sex is dirty, sex is fun; if I ask her or imply that I want sex, she hates me (“What? You think I’m a WHORE?”), but if I don’t ask her and in fact act like ‘I don’t want sex’ (and I have done this) she says, “What? I’m NOT GOOD ENOUGH for you?”


Guardian (New York)
Civilian-GI Anti-War Marches Sweep Country

The anti-war movement surged back onto the streets Easter weekend with major demonstrations taking place in six cities, and smaller actions in 44 others.

On April 5, 100,000 people rallied in New York City to hear speeches supporting the Black Panther party, the Presidio 27 and the Chicago “Conspiracy.” The demonstration was orderly throughout; the speeches marked a departure from the “broadbased, liberal-radical coalition” to reflect a growing class consciousness.


Guardian (New York)
Four More Presidio GIs Convicted

SAN FRANCISCO—Four more GIs have been found guilty of mutiny and sentenced to prison terms. The March 27 verdict at Ft. Lewis, Wash., where the court-martials are being held to avoid large-scale protest demonstrations, came after nearly two weeks of testimony.

Convicted were Privates Edward Yost, William Hayes, Ricky Dodd and Harold Swanson. Yost was sentenced to nine months in prison; Hayes got two years, Dodd six years and Swanson three years. They also received dishonorable discharges. Appeals are pending.


Dave Watson (David Watson)
In the High Schools “Hey! What’s That Sound?”

Cass students march to Wayne State University mall for student strike rally. Dave Watson is in the center. Photo by A. Gotkin.
April 3 Walkout

On April 3, Detroit area high school students walked out of school in protest against the war in Vietnam, in commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and around issues of student rights, racism, and other issues pertaining to each school.


Thomas Haroldson
Tango A Hit at the Detroit Rep

The Detroit Repertory Theater’s current offering, Tango, is the most enjoyable play to appear in town since “MacBird.”

The director, Bruce Milian, like a good alchemist, has managed to transform broad farce, heavy social thought, and straight professional theatre into a first-rate production.

Tango is such a funny play that it is easy to overlook the fact that its humor is based on a very serious, and perhaps even a very frightening theme.


Mike Kerman
Bob Fleck

The Fifth Estate Interviews Mayall

John Mayall is one of the most respected white musicians playing the blues today. While the blues are popular and being utilized by many pop musicians who are good copyists and technically proficient, there are few original or innovative performers.

Mayall, who has been playing the blues since 1963, has released seven albums. He is serious about the music and is no longer interested in performing good imitations of black bluesmen. Instead, he has developed a personal and unique style.


Fifth Estate Collective
Freeks Against Fuzz

The first Detroit Pop Festival on April 7 at Olympia Stadium came off beautifully. All the stalwarts of the Detroit music scene were in attendance to create a ten hour musical trip for over 16,000 people that came to listen.

The Amboy Dukes, the MC5, the Frost, Ted Lucas, The Wilson Mower Pursuit, The Train and so many other good bands blasted through the incredibly bad Olympia acoustics to show the audience that Michigan Music is what’s happening.


Dennis Raymond
The Illustrated Man Film review

There is a tendency to casually dismiss works of science fiction and the supernatural in the arts, as if this type of thinking were just too cheap, too trivial to be bothered with. “2001” was virtually boycotted by the New York dailies and periodicals.

“The Illustrated Man” is a thoughtful, stimulating, and absorbing movie—one that I will return to see again and again and yet, if its early critical reception is any sign, I fear that this film will be largely underrated and thereby lose the very audience it seeks to contact.


Various Authors

Brothers and Sisters,

I’ve been watching all the shit going down around Detroit and our revolution either means we’re fighting for communism or black supremacy. I am not prejudiced, but want equality for all; not white or black supremacy.

And I’ll be damned if I’m in this revolution if it’s for communism. I wanna change the government, but not have the government change me.


Fifth Estate Collective
Valler Faces Shrink Tests

Sanity tests have been ordered for Dave Valler who is facing trial on two counts of sales and possession of grass and for conspiring to dynamite several public facilities.

The police and prosecutor consider Valler to be the ringleader of the eight persons charged with the Detroit area bombings last year which hit police stations and cars, a draft board, the Ann Arbor CIA office and a research institute.


Fifth Estate Collective
Help the Black Panther Party

The Detroit Black Panther Party has just opened up a new office and asked the community to aid them in securing needed supplies.

If you have desks, typewriters or other office machines available they can be put to immediate use in aiding the work of the Panthers.

If you can help or wish to make a donation to the Panthers contact the Fifth Estate office, 1107 W. Warren, Detroit, 48201 or call 831–6800.

Fifth Estate Collective
A Blow for Decency

Don Lobsinger, leader of the right-wing Breakthrough group, was sentenced April 3 to 15 days in jail for disrupting a church forum on black power last December 3.

He was accused of trying to break up a meeting at St. Lucy’s Catholic Church in St. Clair Shores where Frank Ditto of the East Side Voice of Independent Detroit was telling the all white audience about black power.


Fifth Estate Collective
Brass Play Games with GI Lives

from Special and AP Dispatches

WASHINGTON—Gen. David M. Shoup, former commandant of the Marine corps, charges that an ambitious elite of high ranking officers, preferring war to peace, is turning the United States into “a militaristic and aggressive nation.”

Writing in the April issue of the magazine Atlantic, Shoup says that the search for promotion, interservice rivalry and an eagerness to test military doctrines lies behind the deep American involvement in Vietnam and the heavy invasion of the Dominican Republic.


Fifth Estate Collective
Sincavitch Busted

Tom Sincavitch, who “quit” the army has again refused active duty at Ft. Riley, Kansas on March 27 and was returned to the stockade “pending referral of new charges.”

Tom was convicted of being absent without leave for his first “offense” and given a six month suspended sentence. He had taken sanctuary in St. Joseph’s Church and was arrested by 40 FBI agents on March 13.


Fifth Estate Collective
Buy It By The Lb.

ANN ARBOR—This city witnessed the first public expression of dissent by Women’s Liberation groups of Michigan Saturday night, March 22, at the Miss Ann Arbor Pageant.

Outside the Auditorium doors of the Ann Arbor High School where the Pageant was being held about 100 women picketed in protest of the local meat auction which will eventually culminate in the Atlantic City Miss America prostitution rites.


Barbara Weliner
Ivana Gottfried

Events Calendar

Those events marked with an asterisk (* ) need Fifth Estate salesmen. If you want to earn some extra money, come down to our office.and pick up some papers.


* EUGENE O’NEILL’S “Long Journey into the Night” in the Library Lecture Hall, Marygrove College. 7:30 p.m.

WSU CHAMBER SINGERS and CHAMBER ENSEMBLE, Wayne Community Arts Auditorium. 8:30 p.m.


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