Special to the Fifth Estate

NEW YORK, N.Y., July 1—Five beautiful women, including Kathy Czarnik of Detroit, entered Manhattan’s 44th Street draft board and destroyed 2,000 1-A files. They also broke office equipment and scattered other records across the office.

They were able to leave the office without detection and appeared July 3 at a noon rally in Rockefeller Center of 2,000 persons to explain their actions to the public.

At 1:00 pm the women appeared and spoke in front of a marble plaque expressing Rockefeller’s “belief in the value of Human Dignity.”

The women shouted their reasons for their action against the draft board as being tied in with the drafting of minority groups and the exploitation of Rockefeller business interests. The plaque was doused with a can of Standard Oil.

FBI pigs moved in to arrest the five and grabbed one of the women, clubbing her to the ground after she refused to cooperate with them.

Angry brothers and sisters rushed in to protect the women and fighting broke out with the agents. All of the women were eventually taken into custody and placed under $2,500 bond.