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Rocky’s Rum Trip


HONDURAS: turmoil unleashed, one student demonstrator killed

COSTA RICA: 2,000 students demonstrated

PANAMA: National Guard on duty

COLOMBIA: 20,000-man special security force tried to control student strikes and heavy street fighting

ECUADOR: ten striking students killed by police...Rocky’s car nearly overturned


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Fifth Estate Collective
No Dope?

The fact that there is a grass famine in Detroit is not news to local smokers.

It appears, however, that the phenomenon is nation wide with reports received of similar situations in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

The causes, although speculative, appear to be two-fold. The first holds that the Mafia has completely stopped large shipments of marijuana into the country in an effort to drive independent dealers out of business and bring the entire scene back under their control.


Fifth Estate Collective
People’s Park

The search for a community park in the Warren Forest area continues.

On a balmy Sunday, June 27, about 60 people met in a vacant lot at the corner of Leota and Fourth. The topic of discussion was the proposed site of a park that the community could use without getting in the way of children at play and that was built by the people themselves.


Fifth Estate Collective
White Panther Bike Run


The White Panther Bike Run and the people’s party at the U-M Arboretum July 6th turned out to be a quiet get together of freaks and young people without the usual interference by the pigs.

Things started at 1:00 that Sunday afternoon as 50 bikes split from the Fifth Estate office off to Ann Arbor.


Dena Clamage
Jesus Called the Cops

“The National Black Economic Development Conference (NBEDC) will in no way yield to threats of prosecution for non-existent crimes or other intimidation. On the contrary, we will continue to press our demands which are known to be just by all, including the religious industry and the U.S. Department of Justice.”


Judie Davis
Eat It

Since I’m more or less trapped working downtown this summer my latest food adventure is the lost art of sandwich making.

Making your own lunch is always a drag. When you were a kid there was at least some element of surprise when your mother made your lunch. At least there was with my mother who believed in putting in surprises once in a while.


David Gaynes
Toilet Paper Patriotism

Brother Warner Mach, currently living out in the hinterlands of Rochester, sent us a box of “Uncle Sam Cereal” he came across while shopping in the local A&P out there.

Although the advertising puffery on the box claims that good ol’ “Uncle Sam’s” (“a natural laxative”) has been “keeping Americans regular since 1908,” none of us had ever heard of the stuff. With that in mind, I thought it would be interesting to explore this phenomenon that might be branded “toilet paper patriotism.”


Allen Young
SDS Takes New Turn

with additional notes by Fifth Estate staff

CHICAGO (LNS)—SDS expelled the Progressive Labor Party (PL) and its political allies from the ranks of the organization June 21.

The action was the turning point of the 1969 SDS National Convention. SDS leaders saw it as a historic step in the history of the nation’s left, and as a breath of fresh air for the movement.


Various Authors

Dear People,

Listen and dig the “fair” deal the troops get in good old Vietnam by the military-pig-racist-establishment.

Currently I am being framed on a phony marijuana bust. I have an eyewitness to testify in my favor but it will be the word of two enlisted men against the word of two 1st Lts. who can do no wrong as far as the military is concerned.


Liberation News Service
United Front Against Fascism

SAN FRANCISCO (LNS)—Black Panther Party Chairman, Bobby Seale recently reiterated his call for a United Front against Fascism in America. The United Front is to be inaugurated at a National Conference called by the Panthers in Oakland, Calif., July 18–20.

To this Conference have been invited representatives of groups across the country, not just radicals, but all who consider themselves “progressive” and who “take a firm stand against the development of fascism in America.”


Dave Watson (David Watson)
The Real Radicals in the High Schools

A recent issue of Scope magazine carries a bullshit hype by Peggy Cronin called “The Young Radicals In Our High Schools.” In the article Miss Cronin attempts to show how high school activists are “not quite radical.” She went to two individuals, one from Cass Tech and one from Seaholm High in Birmingham, to give her an “objective” analysis of the high school situation.


Hank Malone

a review of

The Assault on Childhood, Ron Goulart, Sherbourne Press, Los Angeles, 1969, $6.50

The Assault on Childhood is a book about the newest species of American human/animal: Superkid, and his manufacturers.

Superkid is a real product of mass culture, a person who is not a kid anymore, but who is not really an adolescent nor an adult either. Superkid is the new American person.


Liberation News Service
Workers Feel Squeeze

DETROIT (LNS)—Workers in the automobile industry—described by The New York Times as “among the cream of the nation’s industrial workers”—are feeling the squeeze of rising prices and falling real wages.

Although pay raises have been won regularly from the big automobile giants, the increase in the cost of living has kept real wages down.


Fifth Estate Collective
Radio Crazies Plague Police

One of the more astonishing and bizarre developments in the ever-increasing confrontations between revolutionary and establishment elements in our society was leaked to this paper.

A member of the Federal Communications Commission sympathetic to the struggle of today’s youth against their senile oppressors, revealed the incredible and even hilarious details of a hitherto suppressed report circulated in only the highest, innermost governmental circles.


Dave Marsh
Mistrial Called in Sinclair Pot Trial

Weirdness continued as the State of Michigan suffered another set-back in its attempt to put John Sinclair behind bars.

The White Pahther Minister of Information, accused of possession of marijuana, was granted a mistrial by Recorder’s Court Judge Robert Colombo June 25 after he decided that the testimony of an undercover narc was prejudicial.


Fifth Estate Collective
Toronto: Pops

You jump into Toronto all of a sudden after driving four hours through the Ontario countryside.

Our first thought as we drove the station wagon downtown on Yonge St. was, “The youth revolt is international!” It was partly the pop festival that weekend, but all of downtown Toronto looked like Beverly St. when the Grande is playing.


Howard A. Husock
Real Blues in Ann Arbor

Within the past year, America has suddenly found time to experience something called the “rebirth of the blues.” On magazine covers, in underground journals, in popular music—the blues.

Blues has surfaced into the popular culture. It has surfaced not from the so-called underground or “hip” subculture but from an underground far deeper—the black culture. For blues, the only purely native American music, ironically was spawned and nurtured by a man often considered as less than an American, the black man.


Eugene Schoenfeld M.D.

QUESTION: I think my girlfriend and I have been screwing too much. The reason I believe this is lately I’ve been almost continuously tired.

Dr. Eugene Schoenfeld speaking at Community Arts Auditorium, May 28, 1969 at a benefit for Open City. Photo: Alan Gotkin.

Could it be that too much sex is wearing me out? We only screw once a day, six or so times a week. As far as I know, I’m getting a balanced diet and plenty of sleep.


Scott Braley
SDS Guerrillas Strike

Madison Avenue seems determined to co-opt and make a profit on everything, even revolution.

What the movement has to do is politicize every facet of Amerikan life and relate to people everywhere they are—in this case, at the movies.

For the last couple of weeks several people from the SDS summer program have been spending spare time at “CHE!” (“A man who created a nightmare of violence and terror”). We went to theatres all over Detroit passing out the June 12 “Che!” issue of the Fifth Estate [FE #81, June 12–25, 1969], and rapping about what Che and Cuba really are about.


Bob Stark
Oh My Rock and Roll

The Detroit area is getting desperately short of places for rock bands to play. Three months ago things looked really good with the Grande, the Hideouts, and the Crow’s Nests all doing well; the Eastown getting ready to open, and at least eight smaller clubs rumored to be opening by early summer.

But in the last month the prevailing winds seem to have shifted in the other direction. The Clawson Hideout was forced to close down because the city fathers and the Knights of Columbus (who own the hall) limited the capacity to 350, hardly enough to break even. The Crow’s Nest West has closed to remodel right at the start of the Summer.


Dena Clamage
Radical Filmmakers in Detroit

On the night of July 3 the staccato of machine-gun fire rang out across the Jeffries Housing Project bordering on the Lodge Freeway. The sound was accompanied by the appearance of flickering letters on the wall of one of the high-rise concentration camps spelling out the name: NEWSREEL.

The sound and the letters are the trademark of Newsreel, a radical filmmaking and distribution organization which had an outdoor film showing at the housing project.


Fifth Estate Collective
Sincavitch Set for Court Martial

Tom Sincavitch, the Detroit GI who took sanctuary in St. Joseph’s Church this Spring is facing another court-martial the last week in July.

Sincavitch is being held in the Ft. Riley, Kansas stockade for refusing to report for duty. He had been put on active duty following his refusal to attend his Army Reserve meetings in Detroit. He called the training he was receiving “racist.”


Fifth Estate Collective
NY Women Burn Draft Files

Special to the Fifth Estate

NEW YORK, N.Y., July 1—Five beautiful women, including Kathy Czarnik of Detroit, entered Manhattan’s 44th Street draft board and destroyed 2,000 1-A files. They also broke office equipment and scattered other records across the office.

They were able to leave the office without detection and appeared July 3 at a noon rally in Rockefeller Center of 2,000 persons to explain their actions to the public.


Liberation News Service
Viet Deserters “Shoot To Kill”

NEW YORK (LNS)—Top secret operations are being launched in Vietnam to kill or capture American deserters fighting for the NLF, according to a London Express story reprinted June 24 in the New York Post.

The operations have been ordered as the problem of troops going AWOL in the war zone becomes increasingly serious.


John Wilcock
Other Scenes

One of the basic fundamentals of conservatism, presumably, is to conserve what you’ve got (no matter how much somebody else might need it) and to this extent at least, William Buckley, heir to a $100 million fortune, is true to conservative principles. Several hundred or thousand subscribers to Buckley’s magazine, the National Review, received a heart-rending plea in the mail last week: unless somebody gives the slick right-wing magazine $250,000 “it is quite literally true that the nation’s only conservative journal of opinion will have to close down.”


Resa Jannett
Events Calendar

in Cooperation with Detroit Adventure


DETROIT SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA at Meadowbrook, Ehrling conducting; Itzthak Perlman, violinist. 8:30 pm.

AUDITIONS FOR TALENT SHOW at the Rappa House See July 11.

FOLK MUSIC from 9 till midnight at the Red Roach Coffeehouse. Plum St., at Fifth.

DETROIT CONCERT BAND, Belle Isle Music Shell at 8:15 pm.


Fifth Estate Collective
Brass v. GIs United

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The Army brass at Ft. Jackson is still trying to screw GIs for exercising their Constitutional rights. (See last issue, p.15 [“Free Speech for GIs: Analysis of a victory” by Michael Smith, FE #82, June 26-July 9, 1969] for background story.)

Pvt. Tommy Woodfin, one of the founders of GIs United Against the War in Vietnam, has just come through a second court martial. He was acquitted on two counts, but plead guilty to a third count of being Absent Without Official Leave. Woodfin went AWOL on Memorial Day to visit his sick girlfriend in a New York hospital. He was sentenced to one month at hard labor and busted in rank.


Fifth Estate Collective

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