14 Year Old Leads Jail Break

SOMERSET, Ky — A 14-year old boy jailed for auto theft led three other prisoners in a break from the Pulaski County Jail Thursday.

Authorities said the boy obtained what appeared to be a.32-calibre pistol from an unknown source.

Deputy jailer Gary Johnson said a prisoner, Donald Ray Lynn, 24, of Somerset, received a telephone call and was let out of the cell block to take the call.

“When I went to put him back in, the 14-year old had the drop on me,” Johnson said. “He said, ‘Give me the keys or I’ll kill you.’”

Escaping with the boy were Lynn, Ralph Ping, 36, and Herman Sears, 45, both of Somerset.

Revolutionary Accounting

A non-profit corporation is being formed with a professional staff of Movement accountants to serve the community in such areas as accounting, taxes and drawing up of legal forms. The corporation plans to work with existing radical Detroit-area lawyers. Although there are plenty of accountants in the area, few are radical and usually charge excessive rates.

The corporation plans tax advice, assistance in setting up bookkeeping systems and tax and accounting courses, all of which will be on a free basis. Eventually plans are being made to form a political radical lobby and engage in activities and demonstrations for tax reforms.

For more information, write NO/TAX, Box 1711, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106.