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Everyone who wants to tune in to the music of our culture should be at the Fifth Estate Benefit to be held Sept. 1 at the Grande Ballroom from 6–11 pm. Featured will be the MC5, Stooges, and the Gold Brothers, along with Newsreel films of the San Francisco State strike and two short films from Cuba.


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Fifth Estate Collective
Trans-lovers busted The Woodstock Music Festival is over, but it has taken its toll on members of Trans-Love Energies.

A group from Trans-Love had gone to Woodstock, to raise funds for brother John Sinclair’s defense and trial costs.

On the return trip through New Jersey the suspicious looking bunch, traveling in a rented van, were apprehended by the Law. While snooping around the pigs noticed one of the group had a knife. This was all the excuse they needed for searching the entire vehicle. Their efforts produced a substance they claimed to be the taboo weed, marijuana.


Fifth Estate Collective
Salesmen fight back

Rolf Dietrich is fighting a one man war with the City of Plymouth—and winning.

Rolf is an old friend of the Fifth Estate and was trying to open up the town to the paper a few months ago. The one head shop he succeeded in placing it in was driven out of business by the local pigs.

Last February, Rolf was stopped on a phony traffic beef and taken to the station for investigation because he had a number of Fifth Estates in the back of the car. The Plymouth police sent the papers to the Wayne County prosecutor’s office to see if they could get an obscenity warrant. Their request was denied, but the pigs refused to give Dietrich back his papers.


Linda Evans
Motor City Sister in North Vietnam, Part 1

Editors’ Note: Linda Evans, from Motor City SDS, was one of seven Movement people who went to North Vietnam to retrieve three captured American military men. Their original goal of merely receiving the prisoners and escorting them back to the U.S. was changed as the Vietnamese realized that most of them represented segments of the Movement that were not pacifist, but had actively joined in the struggle of the Vietnamese and were fighting in the U.S. to end the war.


Joe Check
Pistol-happy Pig Re-instated

Sgt. Gerald Biscup is one of the police officers who was involved in the Veteran Memorial incident on November 2. The Detroit Police Officers’ Wives Association (DPOWA) was holding a dance in the Veterans Memorial that night and many police officers and their wives were in attendance.

Sgt. Biscup’s wife is the president of the DPOWA. He was in attendance.


Liberation News Service
Support for Dix 38

NEW YORK (LNS)—Four hundred demonstrators massed in front of Penn Station August 2 to support 38 Fort Dix, N.J. GIs who face court-martials for having participated in a stockade uprising.

The protesters called for the elimination of all Army stockades, dropping charges against the Ft. Dix 38, and the freeing of all political prisoners—including Black Panther Minister of Defense Huey P. Newton.


Liberation News Service
GI coffee house bust set up

WRIGHTSTOWN, N.J. (LNS)—This town is a commercial appendage to Fort Dix. Wrightstown is shopping centers, gas stations, greaseburger palaces and bars.

The town is a bore. GIs leaving the base leave their money in Wrightstown cash registers. They return to the base broke and desperate.

A group of experienced movement organizers rented a vacant imitation ice cream store on the main street of town, walking distance from the Fort. The organizers turned the store into a coffee house—coffee, punch, posters, underground newspapers, music; a place to talk and be relaxed. The GIs came.


Keith Lampe
Earth Read-Out

a review of

The Population Bomb, by Paul R. Ehrlich, Ballantine, 223 pp., $.95, paper.

Ehrlich tries to reach a broad public in this book—but he’s not coy or campy.

He knows there’s no longer time for that.

His first words are: “The battle to feed all of humanity is over. In the 1970s the world will undergo famines—hundreds of millions of people are going to starve to death in spite of any crash programs -embarked upon now...


Eugene Schoenfeld M.D.

Dr. Eugene Schoenfeld speaking at Community Arts Auditorium, May 28, 1969 at a benefit for Open City. Photo: Alan Gotkin.

QUESTION: Marijuana is often heavily weighted down with sugar, as I’m sure many smokers know. The obvious purpose seems to be to give as little grass as possible for the weight of the kilo or lid.


Kathy Mulherin
Report from Algiers

(via Dock of the Bay/UPS)

  • Eldridge Cleaver is coming home within the year—maybe;

  • Kathleen Cleaver gave birth to a baby boy named after black Cuban revolutionary Antonio Maceo;

  • The Black Panther Party is setting up centers of information and propaganda distribution in Paris and other European and African centers;

  • There may be a “summit meeting” of revolutionary groups in the relatively near future, in which “The Black Panther Party will play a key role;”

  • The Chicago Headquarters of the Panther Party was attacked by police who claim they were shot at by armed Panthers. National Chairman Bobby Seale said at a recent press conference that the Chicago Panthers did not provoke attack, that since the Chicago headquarters were entirely covered with plywood it would have been impossible to shoot from the office anyway.


Fifth Estate Collective

14 Year Old Leads Jail Break

SOMERSET, Ky — A 14-year old boy jailed for auto theft led three other prisoners in a break from the Pulaski County Jail Thursday.

Authorities said the boy obtained what appeared to be a.32-calibre pistol from an unknown source.

Deputy jailer Gary Johnson said a prisoner, Donald Ray Lynn, 24, of Somerset, received a telephone call and was let out of the cell block to take the call.


Thorstein Smith
View from the Top

This column will be devoted to an exploration of Establishment thinking, as revealed primarily in power structure publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, etc. The assumptions of the writer are Marxian, Marcusian, and C.W. Millsian: in brief, that there is a power structure largely centered in the economy; that the Establishment, in particular its economic wing, is still remarkably flexible; that we, as radicals, had better know a lot more about how this Establishment functions; and, on a strategy for change must try to understand the divisions within the Establishment so as to make use of them for revolutionary purposes.


Fifth Estate Collective
Free John Sinclair

“There is no LAW in Amerika today—only the honkie power structure and its victims. We are down to the nitty-gritty now, with our backs to the wall, and the population is quickly polarizing: oppressors and oppressed. The revolutionary youth of the weirdo country are an oppressed people—the victims of a calculated cultural repression movement instigated and carried out by the honkie power structure under Richard M. Nixon, Henry Ford II, Nelson Rockefeller, and other monied interests who are committed to maintaining the decadent status quo. They will kill us if they can, they will incarcerate their own children and have them beaten if they can get away with it, they would jail all of us if they could—all in the name of, freedom, democracy, and the unspeakable obscenity they call the American Way.”

— John Sinclair


Fifth Estate Collective
GIs Take Sanctuary

Three Michigan men are among a group of 18 GIs who have sought sanctuary in a Honolulu church because of their opposition to the war in Vietnam. They are Matthew Biggerstaff of Westland, Arthur Parker of Holland and Daniel Overstreet of Garden City.

The scene began when Airman Louis Parry came to the Church of the Crossroads which offers refuge to military asylum. By August 15 the other 17 men, from all branches of the service had joined him.


Richard Centing
35 Years a Vegetarian

One of the most remarkable men in Michigan runs the only Vegetarian Cafeteria in this area: Stanley Filipzcak has operated the Health Food Center at 5255 Schaefer Road, Dearborn, for the last six years.

Filipczak is now eighty years old. When he reached the age of forty, he was suffering from arthritis, lumbago, headaches and other diseases, which three Ann Arbor doctors could not cure. A friend turned him on to vegetarianism and by the age of forty-five he was cured and a confirmed vegetarian.


Ray Stock
R.O. Park Fight Looms

Memorial Park in Royal Oak has been a hang-out for suburban youth for a long time. Freaks and even a few straight kids and neighborhood families visit the park frequently and it is seldom seen deserted. For the past two months the scene there has changed from placid, bored and stoned to something far more relevant—the control of the park has become a major issue.


Hank Malone
Weird and Funny Words

It is a good time in American history to go back to roots, to “get down,” to forget speeches and lectures and concentrate on The Word.

The smallest practical unit of language is the word. Music is beyond language.

Without the word you can’t make a political speech. Without the word you can’t have nauseating ideological wars. Without the word you have to touch each other. Without the word you can’t quite call yourself human. Without the word we would all probably be happier, but less “human.” So who wants to be human if you can be happier being something else?


Black Shadow
Peter Fonda Talks about “Easy Rider”

(via Good Times/UPS)

Q: How do you feel about your movie?

A: How do I feel about my movie? Very strong, and a bit funny in the knees. No, I’m putting you on. I feel very good about the movie. I hope I do better next time.

Q: Have you got the next film started?

A: No, I have no...I’m writing a flick now. About the American Revolution.


Fifth Estate Collective
Bikers Talk about Peter Fonda

Recently the staff of the Fifth Estate, members of the Zulus motorcycle club and people from Detroit Newsreel a movement film making group, went to a press screening of “Easy Rider.”

The film is about two bikers played by Peter Fonda (Captain America) and Dennis Hopper (Billy), who produced and directed the film, riding out to Mardi Gras in Search of America on two beautiful choppers.


Bill Rowe
New Detroit? Nope!

Remember, if you will, the inevitable explosion that took place in our fair city during that dark week in July two years ago.

No sooner were the fires put out, the hoses rolled up and the fire trucks washed, there appeared a group of dedicated citizens whose sole purpose was, at any cost, to rebuild Detroit and put things “back to normal.”


John Wilcock
Other Scenes

THE ENEMY: If Hoover really did have RFK’s authorization to tap Martin Luther King’s phone why doesn’t he produce the signed memo that says so. James Bennett, director of Federal prisons for almost 30 years, has now written a book boasting about his contributions to penal reform (had you noticed how humane prisons are these days?)


Fifth Estate Collective
Street people get it together

Photo / Jeannene Seeger

Representatives from five Ann Arbor revolutionary groups convened at Trans-Love Energies Monday, August 11, to announce to the press the formation of a working coalition of the White Panther Party, the God’s Children motorcycle club, the Black Berets, Sunnygoode Street commune, and the Congolean Maulers.


Bob Stark
‘Ear ye!

It was probably something I had coming for a long time, but it really caught me by surprise when it happened. After all I don’t write these pieces because I get paid for them. I do it because it gets me some free records, gets me into the clubs for free, and a few other fringe benefits. Or so I thought.


Various Authors

Dear Editors:

The letter in your August 7 issue [FE #85, August 7–20, 1969] from the corpsman in Da Nang harbor has prompted me to relate a similar experience to you.

I was a corpsman at the hospital at Fort Ord, Cal., for almost two years, where I was appalled by the condition and treatment of over 1000 patients who were packed into a hospital staffed for 250 beds. Most of these patients were Vietnam returnees, and seeing them (and in fact the whole experience) turned me on to the resistance and the revolution.


Students for a Democratic Society
SDS replies

Editors’ Note: The following letter is a reply from the national officers of SDS to criticisms of their upcoming national action in Chicago made by this newspaper in our last edition [“Letter to SDS,” FE #85, August 7–20, 1969].

Dear Comrades,

Your letter about the National Action has become an important item for discussion around here. Because of the way you posed certain problems, and because you have focused in on questions that are being raised around the country at this time, we felt it would be important to answer your open letter with an open response. There are a couple of major misconceptions made about the action. The notion that any part of the action is or could be “adventurist” is crazy. The terms of the fight against imperialism are being set by the colonized people of the world.


Bob Stark
The Stooges

a review of

The Stooges (Elektra EKS-74051)

The Stooges’ earliest live appearances consisted of the band playing 25 minutes or so of uninterrupted music while Iggy danced, contorted and otherwise acted strange in front of them. They never did the same thing twice. The music was always different. Iggy once covered his body with raw hamburger before he went on stage.


Resa Jannett
Events Calendar

in cooperation with Detroit Adventure


Adventure flick, WINGS OF THE HAWK, starring Van Heflin shown at Oakland Community College in the Amphitheatre FREE 8:30 pm.

FUN AT MEADOWBROOK. Bring a blanket, some food and a friend while Sexton Ehrling conducts an evening of Bartok and Brahms. At Baldwin Pavilion at Oakland U. 8:30 pm.


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